WA-S1 Wedge Anchor 316 (A4) Seismic C1 & C2

WA-S1 Wedge Anchor 316 (A4) Seismic C1 & C2

WA-S1 Wedge Anchor 316 (A4) Seismic C1 & C2

WA-S1 anchors can be specified when strong loads in critical settings are required. Made from 316 (A4) stainless steel, characteristically suited for external conditions in coastal or industrial environments.

These wedge anchors are manufactured in Europe, independently assessed and bare the marks of the ETA and CE for quality assurance and superior fastening. Through-bolt expansion type mechanical anchors such as these shall be installed to the correct depth and tension.

  • ETA assessed option 1 anchor : seismic C1 & C2, cracked concrete
  • 316 (A4) stainless steel, with 316 (A4) stainless steel expansion clip
Sub-total: / ex. gst.


  • Easy installation – installation by controlled torque.
  • Assessed for use in areas of seismic activity.
  • Use in cracked and un-cracked concrete.
  • Use for medium loads.
  • Pre-install in concrete or through fixture.
  • Variety of lengths and diameters.
  • For static and quasi-static loads.
  • Assessed for fire resistance RF30 to RF120.



  • Structural fixings in cracked and non cracked concrete, including industrial and marine environments
  • Safety barriers.
  • Fixings of steel beams, perforated bracket guides, machinery, boilers, signage, stadium seating, facade substructures.
  • Food industries.
  • Fixing of wood structures to concrete



*Non-seismic rated anchor

**Recommended maximum fixture thickness is a general guide to make a robust structural connection for each length. However fixture thickness can be increased in many applications. For NCC engineered capacities please refer to technical documentation.

Product List
SKU Description Availability List Price Pack
More Information
More Information
Delivery SHIPS IN 1 - 2 DAYS
Material Grade 316 Stainless Steel
Coating & Plating Plain / Unplated
Driver Type Hex Socket
Thread Type Metric
For use with Concrete (cracked), Concrete (un-cracked)
Setting Conditions Hammer Drilling, Overhead, Through Fixture
Approvals & Documents ETA Certification, Fire Resistance
Compliance AS 5216:2021, Cyclic Loads, Seismic C1 & C2, Swiss Shock Load Approval, VicRoads BTN 008
Software AFOS® Anchor Design Software
Technical Information
SKU Dia. x Length Rec Max Fix** Drill Depth C1 / C2
1WAS108065 M8 x 65mm WA-S1* 11mm 49mm -
1WAS108095 M8 x 95mm WA-S1 30mm 60mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS108115 M8 x 115mm WA-S1 50mm 60mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS110090 M10 x 90mm WA-S1 10mm 75mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS110110 M10 x 110mm WA-S1 30mm 75mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS110130 M10 x 130mm WA-S1 50mm 75mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS110155 M10 x 155mm WA-S1 75mm 75mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS112125 M12 x 125mm WA-S1 30mm 90mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS112145 M12 x 145mm WA-S1 50mm 90mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS112180 M12 x 180mm WA-S1 85mm 90mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS116135 M16 x 135mm WA-S1 15mm 110mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS116145 M16 x 145mm WA-S1 25mm 110mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS116170 M16 x 170mm WA-S1* 50mm 110mm -
1WAS116200 M16 x 200mm WA-S1 80mm 110mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS120165 M20 X 165mm WA-S1 30mm 125mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS120195 M20 X 195mm WA-S1 60mm 125mm ✓ / ✓
1WAS120235 M20 X 235mm WA-S1* 100mm 125mm -
1WAS120265 M20 X 265mm WA-S1* 130mm 125mm -
1WAS120285 M20 X 285mm WA-S1* 150mm 125mm -
1WAS124200 M24 X 200mm WA-S1* 30mm 155mm -
1WAS124230 M24 X 230mm WA-S1* 60mm 155mm -
1WAS124245 M24 X 245mm WA-S1* 75mm 155mm -