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DuraSquirt DTI Structrual Washers

DuraSquirt DTI Structrual Washers

Direct Tension Indicator Washers | Gr8.8 Hi-tensile | Mechanical Galvanised

A compressible steel washer manufactured with protrusions on one side, known as a direct tension indicator washer (DTI). When used with structural bolts the DTI is designed to compress to correlate to bolt tension.

The DuraSquirt® DTI is the same as other DTI washer except for the orange silicone that has been added to the welds under each bump. As the bolt is tighten the bump compress pushing the silicone to edge of the washer indicating to the installer the correct tension has been achieved.

Squirter DTIs are made and certified to ASTM F959. They are also covered in the Australian standard AS4100 steel structures for tension by use of direct tension indication device.

AS4100 / AS1252
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Product List
SKU Item OD / ID Thk Bx. Qty. Crt. Qty.
SKU 6M-SW12 Item M12 Squirter DTI OD / ID 27.0 / 12.3mm Thk 2.5mm Bx. Qty. 10 Crt. Qty. 100
SKU 6M-SW16 Item M16 Squirter DTI OD / ID 33.3 / 16.4mm Thk 3.1mm Bx. Qty. 10 Crt. Qty. 100
SKU 6M-SW20 Item M20 Squirter DTI OD / ID 40.3 / 20.7mm Thk 3.5mm Bx. Qty. 10 Crt. Qty. 100
SKU 6M-SW24 Item M24 Squirter DTI OD / ID 48.5 / 24.9mm Thk 3.9mm Bx. Qty. 10 Crt. Qty. 100
SKU 6M-SW30 Item M30 Squirter DTI OD / ID 58.2 / 31.1mm Thk 3.9mm Bx. Qty. 10 Crt. Qty. 50
SKU 6M-SW36 Item M36 Squirter DTI OD / ID 70.2 / 37.5mm Thk 4.7mm Bx. Qty. 10 Crt. Qty. 50

Orange Silicone

When installed the silicone becomes fully cured omitting a powdered textured, this powered remains visible on the steel structure for several years. Simple and easy to include within the bolt assembly, upon installation or inspection the minium tension achieved can be observed. The silicone media in the DuraSquirt® DTI have been improved to withstand the elements of wind, heavy rain, and extreme enviromental temperatures.


Squirter DTIs can be used with structural bolt assemblies that conform to AS1252 to aid in quickly identifying bolts that have not been tension correctly.

Technical Info

Material: ASTM F959M / Class 8.8
Dimensions: Confrom to ASME B18.2.6M
Coating: Mechanical Galvanised to ASTM B695 class 55
Heat Treatment: Through-hardening to a maximum hardness of HRC37

No. of Bumps 4 4 5 5 7 8
Min Bolt Tension [ kN ]* 51 95 145 210 335 490

*Minimum bolt tension as per AS4100

Installation Method

The recommended installation is to position the DTI washer at the nut end of the assembly with the orange Squirt™ material facing towards the steel surface – seen in method A below. The assembly can then be tightened from the nut.

It is good practice to store all bolt hardware away from the elements prior to installation, preventing corrosion will reduce the effort required to tension bolts properly. The bolt threads and washer face of the hex nut can be lubricated to improve installation by reducing friction.

The hole detail in the steel work is critical to the bolt assembly and connection.

DTI Squirter Washer Installation Method

Squirter® DTI's  and DuraSquirt® are a registered trademarks of Applied Bolting Technology Products, Inc.