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Needle point screws sometimes referred to as Pierce-point screws, are a particular kind of fastener used to fasten light gauge sheet metal.

The most interesting feature of Needle Point screws is their sharp point, which makes it easy for the fastener to pass through thin gauge sheet metal without the requirement for a hole to be pre-drilled.

Typically, needle point screws feature two finely spaced threads, also known as "twin fast threads," and a double lead point to provide a solid hold when driven into the applied material. It allows for a quick installation. Additionally, this design lessens the chance of the screw "walking" during installation.

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Light metal applications employ Allfasteners Needle Point Screws, which come in a range of lengths. Needle Points have an easy-to-install pierce tip and a slotted hex washer head for driving versatility. If you need something with a little bit more self-piercing action, consider the Allfasteners needle point screw. It has a boldly angled tip for driving fasteners, a higher hex for excellent driving stability, a rapid piercing point for quicker start, and extremely fine threads for better tapping. Because of the significant reduction in shavings caused by this thread design, there won't be any hot burrs, and the magnetic nut setters will survive longer between changes.

Examples of common uses of needle point screws are HVAC duct fasteners, extrusions, and mechanical attachments such as electrical boxes, conduits, and pipe clips. Get samples to give them a try, then choose Allfasteners needle point screws right now!

Needle Point Screws: Types and Applications

There are different types of needle point screws, including Hex Head, Bugle, Chipboard, Flat Top, Pan Head, Button Head, and Pancake. Common applications of needle point screws are as follows:

Electrical Conduit and Enclosure: Needle Point screws are used in electrical installations to secure electrical enclosures and metal conduits. Installing these screws saves time and work since they offer a secure attachment without requiring pre-drilled holes.

Gutter and Flushing: Needle Point screws, whose heads have white coats to match gutters, are widely used in the rain management industry to secure various gutter system segments as well as the varied metal flashings that shield siding and roofs and divert water away from residential and commercial structures.

HVAC and Ductworks: Needle point screws are used in the HVAC sector to secure metal ducting components together. Assembling ducts, vents, and other HVAC equipment is a favourite alternative for them due to their accuracy and simplicity of installation. To ensure a firm connection, the sharp edge helps to penetrate through the metal.

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Find out how effective and precise Allfasteners needle point screws are. Because of their pointed and sharp tips, one can insert these screws quickly and easily into wood and light gauge metal without the need for pre-drilling.

They guarantee a tight, secure fit, reducing labour time and increasing productivity. They are perfect for various construction, metal fabrication, and woodworking applications. They are long-lasting in multiple settings because they are high-strength materials with robust coatings that withstand wear and corrosion.

Use our needle point screws for quick and safe fastening solutions. Get professional-grade fastening solutions at Allfasteners today for hassle-free, dependable performance.

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