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Need quality chipboard screws? At Allfasteners, we understand that getting the job done well is benefits greatly from the use of high-quality materials.

And you need to use the right materials. For consumables, Allfasteners have the range and expertise to help you get any building job done. For different types of timber, there are different types of fasteners.

For very soft timbers, MDF or chipboard, you need to use chipboard screws.

Why? Well, have you ever tried to go on the cheap and use whatever you had lying around in the shed 'just this time around'? Fine-thread screws from a previous job, perhaps? It's understandable to want to save money, but you could end up spending more money in the long run after generic fasteners simply slide out of the hole and your project falls to bits.

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Make the Right Choice

Chipboard screws feature a slim shank with a very coarse thread that digs deeper and more tightly into the timber. In other words, more timber or composite board is embedded in the thread, creating an extremely firm grip.

The head features nibs that cut away any debris for easy insertion, leaving the screw countersunk flush with the timber. These screws can require the pre-drilling of a hole that is slightly narrower than the screw, ensuring a strong grip.

Chipboard Screws: Types and Their Applications

Types: Allfasteners carry these products in essentially two finishes:

  • Zinc yellow-plated – standard-finish screw most suitable for encloused applications not affected by the external elements
  • Class 3 galvanised – specially-coated screw most suitable for outdoor applications and for chemically-treated softwood and soft composite boards


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