Allfasteners – Partnered with Renewable Energy


Renewable energy industry construction is booming in Australia with Allfasteners keeping up with the pace.

Bolstered by decades of experience in the construction industry and a vast in-house collective knowledge of engineering and structural concerns, Allfasteners have quickly become a widely trusted partner in civil infrastructure, petrochemical, energy and resources and mining sectors' successes.

Allfasteners supplies various types of hold down bolt cages for the wind farm and solar industry. We supply both traditional hold down bolts, and innovative & complex hold down bolt cage designs based on customer requirements and completed by our in-house technical team.

We also produce a diverse range of stud bolt kits for hydroelectric schemes across Australia.

Fabrication and Manufacturing Australia Wide

When designing a cage, it is important to consider the type and size of bolts that will be used. Allfasteners has many options available such as square or round cages depending on your needs for structure construction. Rod elements vary according to what you need based on an M12 through to M150 inch diameter threading requirement. Our stud bolt kits, and coating capabilities, are comprehensive to meet any specification.

When you partner with Allfasteners you benefit from our team of designers and fabricators who can produce any hold down bolt cage you require. We are based in Victoria but work with clients nationwide, offering prompt service and prompt delivery when you need it the most.

Fabrication Image

Hold Down Cage

Industry Proven Supply

Allfasteners has demonstrated time and time again that it caters to the renewable industry's needs. We have supplied some of the nation's most significant wind farm projects, including the White Rock Wind Farm in New South Wales.

Allfasteners is the go-to supplier for hold down bolt cages and stud bolts for renewable energy construction. With decades of experience in the construction industry, Allfasteners has the knowledge and expertise to cater to your needs. Contact us today to find out more.