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And Other High-Accuracy Measuring Equipment

The accuracy of your build is critical for structural integrity, safety and your reputation to your clients. And the old line or string level technique can’t always be guaranteed – not enough tension, or movement caused by external forces can throw out results; even a millimetre’s discrepancy can mean jeopardising your project’s quality.

How to get the most accurate reading possible?

See Imex laser levels, as well as a range of innovative high-accuracy measuring tools. Allfasteners are proud to offer the trades of Australia products from this iconic and pioneering brand. Recognisable on worksites all across Australasia, Europe and the UK by its distinct hi-vis green casing, Imex have established themselves as being synonymous with absolute accuracy with a great variance of trades.

For all laser measuring equipment delivered to your door anywhere in Australia—Imex laser levels are only the beginning—see Allfasteners, the experts in All Things Fixings and tools of all trades.

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All Criteria, All Trades

Imex laser tools cover every form of measurement carried out on the worksite. And to a far greater degree of accuracy than any other product. In all products, the laser doesn’t budge, so therefore neither do your readings. This gives you the confidence to prepare a site and get the job more quickly. The range:

  •  Laser levels
  • Digital and spirit levels
  • Studfinders
  • Laser measuring products
  • Linear measuring products
  • Testing equipment 


Quality Guaranteed

Imex understands that to get full value from a product, it must last for many years and withstand tough worksite conditions. For selected products—line lasers, distance measurers and digital levels—Imex offer a 3 and 5 year warranty to customers who register their purchase online.

But of course with any post-purchase enquiries, Allfasteners  are only too glad to provide support that helps you get the most out of the product.


Imex Laser Levels and More

If you have any enquiries about Imex laser levels, or any other product in the Imex range, get in touch with Allfasteners today.