High Tensile AS1252 Structural Bolts for Australian Projects

Strength to Standard and Beyond

Overseeing the construction of large infrastructure projects? Does the success of your projects depend on the supply of high quality materials backed by industry knowledge?

At Allfasteners, we understand that these big jobs are usually executed under intense deadline and budget stress, and an obligation to uphold the highest standards in engineering regulations and public safety. As part of the bigger picture, Allfasteners supply a very crucial product for the construction of large structures - bridges, steel-frame warehouses and buildings, waterways and power transmission infrastructure and more - that holds it all together: structural bolts.

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Structural Bolt Features

Allfasteners' structural bolts are premium quality; they are manufactured to endure high loads according to the requirements of structural engineers.

Made from Class 8.8 high-tensile steel to AS1252 standard, these structural bolt assemblies and components are hot dipped galvanised for the ultimate in corrosion protection and come in a huge range of dimension combinations:

  • M12 – x 30 to 100mm
  • M16 – x 40 to 600mm
  • M20 – x 40 to 650mm
  • M24 – x 50 to 700mm
  • M30 – x 75 to 300mm
  • M36 – x 90 to 300mm


Local Supplier, Local Service

Allfasteners have existing close relationships with construction contractors, enabled by many years of service satisfaction. Our reps are well-versed in national standards and regulations and will consult with the project manager to advise on the correct structural bolts.

To help you meet your obligations, Allfasteners also have an extensive resource database of compliance documents and Certificate of Origin (COO) documents for each of our products. You can know that you are covered for safety and compliance from the beginning to the end of the project and beyond.

See the Structural Bolts Destination for Australia

Structural integrity and public safety is paramount for big infrastructure. At Allfasteners, we hold the same belief. If you have any enquiries about any of our products, please get in touch today.