Australian Workplace Safety Signs


Industry standard 450 x 600mm poly safety signage.
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Keep your workplace safe with the correct singage.

Safety signs are an essential part of setting up a safe work environment, ensuring workers and visitors can move around the workplace independently and safely. From construction sites, factories, tunnel, civil and road works signs play an important part. Visual communication elements such as symbols are often regarded as superior to words. With well designed graphics a symbolic sign can have greater legibility and can transcend language barriers.

Australia has several different standards that apply to occupational safety signage that define there application, manufacture and installation of these signs. The regulations also further define signs into several sections, including regulatory, hazard, prohibition, warning information and fire safety signs. This ensures all messaging is correct and consistent. All signs supplied by Allfasteners, shown below follow these regulatory standards. If you cannot find what you need please call us on 1800 255 349.


Australian Safety Sign Standards

AS 1319:1994 – Safety signs for the occupational environment

This Standard sets out requirements for the design and use of safety signs intended for use in the occupational environment to regulate and control safety related behaviour, to warn of hazards and to provide emergency information including fire protection information. It does not include EXIT signs of the type specified in AS 2293.1 for use inside buildings.

AS 2293.1:2005 – Emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings; Part 1 – Section 6

This Standard specifies requirements for the design and installation of emergency escape lighting and illuminated emergency exit signage systems for buildings. Both central battery and single point or self contained systems are included.


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