Site Supplies & Equipement


Stock up the building site, the factory or office.

A full scope of products to supply every site at every step of the way. Work safety is an important part of job efficiency and completion, not just for the employees but also the people in the vicinity of the job site. From personal safety equipment, site access, temporary fencing and barriers to the lunchroom, here at Allfasteners we have you covered.

No workplace, job site or factory is too insignificant. All requiring the same level of protection and safety for your employees and visitors. Make sure your workplace is setup and managed well, we are here to help at any time.

Centrally located in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane no matter where the job is our network can guarantee delivery. Call us now 1800 255 349 or order online.

Order online for fast efficient delivery to your site.

Not only do we provide construction anchors, fasteners and tools but also the gear to help you run your site properly. Customer service can be reached nationally on 1800 255 349.