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Sometimes getting a hammer or a drill into where you are fixing is virtually impossible. Or you want a cleaner finish without visible nails or screw heads. Or, you want to make sure that your physical fasteners are in for good.

Whatever the reason, you need a good quality construction adhesive that features the true strength of an embeddable fastener. At Allfasteners, we know construction adhesives, and the properties they contain that help you choose the right one. From the world-famous brands to our very own MegaGrip alternative, our representatives offer industry experience-based advice on which is best for your project.

Get a MegaGrip on Your Project

Allfasteners’ MegaGrip is a neoprene base adhesive sealant compatible with aluminium, galvanised iron, ceramic, masonry, glass, brick, steel, fibreglass, timber, plywood, selected plastics and rubber and other common materials. It is water and air tight, heat resistant to 80°C and offered in trade quantities that save you money, thanks to our tiered pricing system in our online store. Questions? Get in touch with us.

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  • Allfasteners MegaGrip Construction Adhesive

    Allfasteners MegaGrip Construction Adhesive

  • Selleys Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive

    Selleys Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive

  • FIX360 Industrial Adhesive & Sealant

    FIX360 Industrial Adhesive & Sealant

  • Mitre-Fast Adhesive Kit

    Mitre-Fast Adhesive Kit

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Buy Construction Adhesive Here and Save

If you work in the trades, and are always stocking up big on this essential construction adhesive, see Allfasteners now. Don’t waste your money on ordering small amount from project to project. Take advantage of our tiered pricing system, that is built in to automatically calculate better deals for you, right there in your shopping cart. Up the quantity = lower the price per unit.

Ask About Our Construction Adhesive Range

Enquiries? Not sure what to use for adhering different materials? For any type of high strength adhesive, ask Allfasteners, Australia’s experts in All Things Fixings, today.