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Concrete board, sometimes called cement board, is frequently used to cover walls, ceilings, and floors with complementary materials installed, most frequently tile or poured cement. It contributes to the creation of a robust barrier. Strong fasteners are necessary for a robust barrier, and this is where the appropriate screw solution may make all the difference in your project.

In addition to self-drilling into the wood and quickly penetrating steel and hard materials without the need for pre-drilling, Allfasteners fibre cement screws are precisely engineered and sized point that allows it to quickly and forcefully drive through fibre cement material without blunting the screw or over-enlarging the fixing hole and leaving the board loose.

With its broad flat wafer profile and intricately designed underhead ribs, the head of the screw allows it to self-countersink and bury flush in the board, maximising surface area fastening.

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Because of their remarkable coating, Allfasteners fibre cement screws are suitable for both indoors and outdoors in humid environments. They work very well when attaching fibre cement boards to wood. They are also appropriate for applications involving wood to wood. The screws are also compatible to fasten to light gauge steel because of their sharp point. When the ribbed countersunk flat head sinks flush into the cement board or timber, a clean finish is left behind.

The fibre cement screws from Allfasteners can be purchased loose or in flat belt collated form for use with standard auto-feed screwdrivers.

Cement Sheet & Plasterboard Screws: Types and Applications

Fibre cement screws are necessary to guarantee that the cement boards and plasterboards are firmly secured. These screws can easily pierce cement boards without breaking or otherwise damaging them. The many kinds of fibre cement screws that are on the market with intended applications.

Self-Tapping Fibre Cement Screws: There is no need for pre-drilling because the self-tapping cement screws have a sharp edge that slices through the cement boards. Since these screws carve out their routes as you drive them into the boards, they are perfect for applications where efficiency and speed are critical. They are a well-liked option for DIY enthusiasts and contractors because they save time and work.

Self-Drilling Fibre Cement Screws: Self-drilling cement screws work similarly to self-tapping screws in that they do not require pre-drilling. But the drill bits that are part of their designs set them apart. As they are screwed in, these screws quickly drill through the cement boards. They are appropriate for heavy-duty applications and have exceptional holding power.

Fibre Cement Screws with Spoon Point: The spoon-point cement screws have a distinctive spoon-like tip form. With this design, it is simpler to pierce the cement boards without breaking them. These screws' rounded tips provide a firm grip and shield the surface from harm while allowing them to pass through the material with ease. They are most reliable when putting cement boards in kitchens or bathrooms, where a robust and solid fastening is needed.

Fibre Cement Screws with Wings: Bugle head screws, often called cement screws with wings, have tapering sides and a wide, flat top. These screws' more expansive bearing surfaces—the wings or ribs on the head—distribute the load evenly and lower the chance that the screw will sink into the board. These screws are especially helpful for fastening cement boards to wooden structures or studs.

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Allfasteners fibre cement screws are perfect for fixing external claddings, flooring and decking products, and general fibre cement sheets and panels. They are also ideal for quickly fixing billboard and tile backer boards and linings due to their long-lasting corrosion protection, lubricated finish, and high-strength steel composition.

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