The Superior Type of Hinge Screws

For a Tidy and Strong Result – Undercut 8g Hd Self-Drilling Screws

A professional handyperson or tradie needs constant stock of consumable fasteners – particularly these. And they are considered a stock-standard quality across the board. But you can do one better, adding superior holding power and a better-looking finish with Allfasteners’ alternative style of hinge screws.

It’s just a door, right? Well, kind of. With standard screws that come with door hardware sets, and screws that have been in a jamb for many years, there can be a diminished holding strength due to the generic nature of the fastener—as in, not really designed to hold the weight of a door, or to put up with the constant stresses of opening and closing—or as a result of corrosion or the timber softening.

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So Why Allfasteners’ Version?

Allfasteners hinge screws are designed to grip tighter in the hole whilst sitting perfectly flush in the hinge plate to avoid any obstruction to the door.

Easy in, Not Easy Out

For quick installation of door hinges, these screws feature an ultra-strong drill point for a single-action embedment – no predrilling require. And the coarse thread grips the timber tightly.

How Hinge Screws Works

With something as simple as a hinge, we consider three additional things:

  • Head shape – The undercut head means that the flat underside of the head matches the countersink in the hinge’s screw holes, giving them full contact with the hole’s sides. Standard chipboard screws, for example, do not. They feature a normal conical shape under the head, creating a slightly unmatched fit, no matter what size you choose. Over the years, that screw can eventually come loose.


  • Hybrid thicknesses – The head of our hinge screws are 8g in size to fit perfectly in the countersunk hole. But the shaft of the screw in in fact larger – 10g. This thickness as well as the self-drilling thread, allows the screw to be embedded quickly and easily, and creates superior grip inside the timber.


  • A choice of finishes – we also offer a Gr304 stainless finish, for more corrosive environments.

Ask Us, When Selecting Hinge Screws

Enquiries? Pre or post-purchase, ask one of our experts in All Things Fixings today.