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Cross-laminated timber (CLT) and the slabs that make it up are the mainstay of solid timber construction. Architects and engineers can design various applications in this space because of the vast manufacturing sizes and the crosswise arrangement of the individual board layers.

For floor-to-floor and wall-to-wall connections, for example, adequate length and strength are needed to accomplish genuine load transmission between these slabs. In this context, Allfasteners CLT screws are essential.

Allfasteners CLT screws are your best option because of their exceptional strength-to-ductility ratio as compared to drywall screws, their ease of installation, and their appropriate length for lengthy penetrations. Here, partial and full-thread screws are distinguished; the former are primarily utilised for lateral loading and installation, while the latter are best suited for axial stresses.

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Allfasteners has therefore designed the HDC-P, HDC-D, WKCP-Z, WKCS-Z, WKCR-Z, WKCH-Z, WKFC-Z, and WKFS-Z geometrically and materially. Allfasteners screws are available in a variety of gauges and lengths to enable you to accomplish the majority of connections with a single screw.

Allfasteners screws provide robust and affordable connections between solid wood pieces by offering maximum pull-out resistance and optimal yield moment.

Allfasteners provides various creative solutions for securing cross-laminated timber (CLT) elements. These fastening options are excellent quality, dependable, and simple to assemble. Architects, structural engineers, constructors, and carpenters may work with CLT to produce long-lasting, sustainable structures safely and effectively with the help of Allfasteners solutions.

CLT Screws: Types and Applications

Since CLT panels and screws offer many benefits and features, they are best for various construction projects. They provide a long-lasting and sustainable substitute for traditional building materials, and their application in residential, commercial, and public construction is rapidly growing.

CLT Screws For Walls: For the construction of both load-bearing and non-load-bearing interior and external walls, CLT screws are perfect. To maximise the wall's vertical load-bearing capacity, the orientation of wood in the strata concerns the gravity loads.

CLT Screws For Floors and Ceilings: For a sturdy and solid construction, CLT screws are an excellent fit for panels that are best as floor and roof components. They offer uniform weight distribution and facilitate customisable room layouts.

CLT Screws For Roofs: To provide a secure and long-lasting roof structure, CLT screws are the ideal choice for panels in roof elements. They provide quick construction progress and have a high load-bearing capability.

CLT Screws for Modular Constructions: Build prefabricated modules on-site using a quick and effective modular building approach made possible by CLT screws on panels. Time and money savings are two benefits of this.

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Timber construction connectors, specifically for connecting cross-laminated timber, are available from Allfasteners. These connectors enhance the stability and load-bearing capability of the construction and guarantee a stable and long-lasting connection of the timber pieces. Allfasteners' connection solutions, which combine cutting-edge technologies with premium materials, guarantee simple and effective assembly.

Allfasteners not only provides creative wood-building connections but also the corresponding screws. The thoughtfully designed system screws are perfect for timber construction's structural fastening.

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