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Australia’s Premier Supplier of Rivets to the Trades

Roofers, plumbers, builders and others know that great quality tools help to produce great quality results for their customers. The ability to make efficient use of your time and leave a tidy job done is essential for getting referrals or a call back. And the same goes for your consumables.

At Allfasteners, we're the tradie's mate, and our supply of high quality rivets for the construction of fencing, guttering, metal roofing and whatever else you can think of is backed by a constant supply of reputable brands and product expertise.

Allfasteners Stock All Sorts – Some Important Choices
The range of rivets available from Allfasteners include variables such as grip range, body size (five common diameters) and material composition:

We also stock structural rivets.

The choice of metal that the rivet is made from is very important. To avoid galvanic corrosion, you need to select a rivet made from the material that is compatible with the materials being joined.

Rivet Materials

You also need to consider environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures or potentially corrosive atmospheres, such as places where a high degree of salts or acids may be present. If you are not sure which product to select, feel free to get in touch with the experts at Allfasteners.

Safely Secured with Gesipa® Rivets and More

In addition to Allfasteners' own range, trades of all kinds also have access to one of the world's oldest-established and respected brands: Gesipa®. Since 1955, this German-born, USA-based company have provided the highest quality rivets to the world, with a reputation for innovation and knowhow in many different industries and trades. Ask Allfasteners now about the Gesipa® range, whether it is from the standard, BULB-TITE® or MEGA GRIP® categories.

Enquire About Our Rivets and More

If you have any enquiries about any fasteners from Allfasteners, please get in touch today.