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Looking for the world’s most reputable brand in anchor and fixings pull testing?
When guaranteeing the quality of your build or integrity of safe scaffold installations for your clients or contractors, you often need the proof. With a world that is ever-increasingly focused on regulations and compliance, it makes sense to bring more and more documentation creation in-house.

Since its birth in Birmingham UK in 1960, Hydrajaws® Limited has been at the forefront of the manufacture of work-holding fixtures and then anchoring and fixings testing devices. Allfasteners are proud to bring the benefits of this history and successful track record to the Australian construction sector.

Made in the UK, and offering a range of capabilities for anchor pull testing for construction and height access installations, Hydrajaws® are leaders in quality, industry knowledge and robustness.

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Hydrajaws® Integrity On range at Allfasteners.

Medium duty:


Heavy duty:

M2000 Pro Tester Kit – with 0-25kN Digital Gauge.

  • Confirm holding power of anchors in most construction materials.
  • Pull test using a bolt test adaptor and button adaptor accessories.

M2050 Pro Tester Kit with 0-50kN Digital Gauge

  • Mid to lower range heavy duty pull test applications.
  • Test anchors up-to M24 in diameter
  • This kit covers the middle ground between the smaller M2000 and the larger M2008 models.

M2000 Height Safety Tester Kit – with 0-25kN Digital Gauge.

  • Confirm holding power of anchors such as eyebolts in fall arrest systems and harnesses.
  • Make sure that your scaffold is attached to the wall according to Australian Standards and WorkSafe regulations, with accurate strength reports.
  • This new kit combines all the accessories previously found in both the Scaffold and Eyebolt kits.

M2008 Heavy Duty Proof Load Tester Kit with 0-145kN Digital Gauge

  • For proof load testing of larger construction fixings up-to 145kN
  • Test anchors from M12 to M30 in diameter.

M2000 Safety Life Line Cable Kit 2 – with 0-25kN Digital Gauge.

  • Two kits in one package - this kit contains the M2000 tester with bridge and telescopic legs and also a cable frame extension to test static safety lines.
  • Stud adaptors and the ring bolt clevis are also included in the kit.
  • Safely inspect all anchors and swagged components of lines in accordance with local safety standards.


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