A Complete Pull Tester Range


Safe Anchoring and Scaff. Comply with Proof.

In any industry that requires the use of fasteners and anchoring products, trusting that the consumables you use are compliant and effective is essential. To put quality assurance value into your build, make sure you can test your materials easily and quickly, with minimum downtime onsite.

With anchoring—particularly when securing scaffolding to walls—you need the right products and advice from a supplier who understands construction, its demands and its associated safety regulations. With a complete pull tester range, that supplier is Allfasteners.

One brand Allfasteners is particularly proud to supply to Australian trades is Hydrajaws – the premium choice of pull tester. British-made, and available in a variance of strengths and kits, these products are conceived to achieve extreme pull force like that of a man-made machine, with the simple turn of a man-driven handle.

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Consultation and Advice

At Allfasteners, the sales staff and reps are well-versed in all construction-related industries. And this includes matters related to compliance.

With an online offering of data sheets and product specifications as well as knowledge bolstered by decades in the trades, Allfasteners have Australia’s premier destination for all things fixings. But in person, an Allfasteners rep can come to site upon arrangement and help you to choose the right pull tester for the job. And that’s all obligation-free.

Pull Tester Question? Ask Allfasteners

Your workers’ safety while working at height on scaffolding is paramount, not only for the prevention of falls and the incurred personal distress, but to productivity and downtime reduction. And making sure that your anchoring products are doing the job to 100% of their capacity is crucial to the quality of your build. Get in touch with Allfasteners today, and be equipped to be able to instantly and accurately assess the pull resistance of your anchors.