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Allfasteners Are Here to Help You Drive Quick

If there are two jobs that take the cake for repetition-based fatigue, it’s securing planks for decks decking or installing plasterboard. In each job, the type of fastener to be used is very specific, and spacing and embedment must be spot on, for aesthetic finish as well as for proper fastening.

No matter what type of screw is needed, there is a way to save yourself hours crouching and stretching and the subsequent knee and back pain. Get yourself a decent screw gun, especially the type with an extension pole, like Simpson Strongtie’s Quik Drive tool.

For taking the pain and time out of installing hundreds—or thousands—of screws, choose a screw gun from Allfasteners, Australia’s experts in All Things Fixings, whether it is an auto-feed system or via the use of collated screws. Not sure of the right gun for your application? Get in touch with us now.

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  1. Quik Drive Pro250 Cordless Auto-Feed Screw System

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    Simpson Strong-Tie Cordless Quik Drive Pro250 Kit (PRO250G2DC2KA) Includes:

    • 1x Quik-Drive® PRO250 Attachment
    • 1x Quik-Drive® G2 Extension
    • 1x DeWalt® DCF622N Screwgun fitted with DWA3G2 adaptor*
    • 2x 18V XR 5.0Ah Batteries
    • 1x XR Multi-Voltage Charger
    • 1x Rugged Toolbox

    *DeWalt® DCF622N screwgun has been modified to work with Quik Drive Screw Driving Systems. Not intended to be used as a regular screwgun.

    Features & Benefits

    • Allows for decking clips, for uniform installation of decking screws, without having to flick a chalk line (sold separately).
    • Built-in wrench for quick and easy replacement of bits.
    • Quick loading yellow strip Quik Drive screw, allow for faster installation, less waste and jamming.
    • Compact and light weight, used from a standing position, results in less stress on back, shoulders and knees, with no trip hazards.
    • Quick release countersink adjustment for consistent screw depth
    • Reversible and replaceable non-skid teeth
    • Sure-grip guide tube increases stability for a wide range of screws
    • Can be used with or without the Extension Pole


    • Decking
    • Flooring
    • Cladding
    • Interior Lining
    • Roofing
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  2. Quik Drive Pro250 Auto-Feed Screw System

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    See how it works.

    Quik Drive Features & Tips


    • Expanded depth settings for high-density flooring materials
    • Reversible and replaceable non-skid teeth
    • Uniform toenailing and countersink on smooth surfaces
    • Sure-grip guide tube increases stability for a broad range of screws
    • Rigid strip collation prevents jamming
    • Extension enables stand-up driving to save time and reduce worker fatigue
    • QuikLock™ coupling allows for easy assembly and disassembly so system can be used without extension pole
    • Built-in bit wrench makes bit changes quick and easy
    • Drive 8-10 gauge and 40mm to 65mm Quik Drive screws

    Quik Drive PRO250 Kit includes:

    • PRO250 Attachment
    • Driver bit
    • Extension pole
    • Makita 2300RPM Screw Gun
    • Adaptors (MAA3G2) to suit Makita® FS2300
    • Rugged toolbox
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Example Applications

– Decking

A commonly-trusted tool for putting down decking planks straight, securely and tidily is the Quik Drive product from Simpson Strongtie. The Pro300 Auto-Feed Screw System, for example, is fast, features expanded depth settings and is equally useful in hanging plasterboard on ceilings as it is securing decking planks. And the system can be used without or with the extension pole, in conjunction with a Makita 2300RPM Screw Gun or similar. The Quik Drive system can also fastener timber to metal.

– Plasterboard

These power tools—the Makita FS2300 Drywall Screwdriver, for example—feature great flexibility with speed and torque settings, so you can embed screws at the perfect depth easily with shredding the surrounding plaster. And electric screwdrivers like this one feature and ergonomic casing design to reduce fatigue when being held aloft for long periods of time.

Ask Allfasteners About Your Next Screw Gun

Looking to invest in your next electric screw gun? Look to Allfasteners. After all, we’re Australia’s premier place For All Things Fixings. Call us.