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Cut, Scrape, Sand, Polish, Grind…
Possibly the most-utilised development in power tool history, for the biggest variety of applications. For gaining access to tight spots to cut or for scraping in a very targeted way, this product has made life a lot easier for trades and home users.

Although the concept has been around for decades – from its birth as a plaster cast saw in 1967 – the oscillating multitool has only really been made widely available relatively recently in a mass-market sense.

This availability means that choosing one from the right brand can make or break the way you provide a quality build.

That’s what Allfasteners are here for. We are always on the lookout for products that make our customer’s working lives easier, from brands who align with our values for quality and longevity. Our oscillating multitool range features options from some of the world’s most reputable manufacturers, particularly the originators of the product, German specialists Fein.

Oscillating Multitool Accessories

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  1. Best of Fein® E-Cut Multi-Tool Blade Set
  2. E-Cut BiM TiN Carbide Pro Multi Tool Blade
  3. E-Cut Japan Plunge Cut Wood Saw Multi-Tool Blade
  4. E-Cut HSS Fine BiM Metal Cut Multi-Tool Blade
  5. E-Cut Long Life BiM Wood-Nail Multi-Tool Blade
  6. E-Cut Universal BiM Metal Wood Multi-Tool Blade
  7. E-Cut HCS Curved Plunge Cut Multi-Tool Blade
  8. E-Cut Precision BiM Plunge Cut Multi-Tool Blade
  9. Carbide Rasp Abrasive Triangle Multi-Tool
  10. Starlock® Sanding Pad Triangle 80mm Multi-Tool

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From renovations to preparation in building projects, some popular uses for an oscillating multitool are:

  • Trimming door jambs or casings – if you’re installing floating flooring, for example, cut the exact amount of timber away from the jamb, so boards slip under freely yet snug and tidy.
  • Sanding – the ‘iron’-shaped sanding attachment allows for quick and easy sanding around sensitive or awkward to reach areas, such as wooden window frames and furniture components.
  • Pipe cutting – easily and quickly trim hot water pipes, or any copper, plastic and some metal piping.
  • Paint removal – before sanding, get more stubborn or chunk bits of paint off easily, with the scraping attachment.
  • Moulding removal – remove chosen sections of mouldings and skirting boards without damaging the surrounding surfaces.
  • Re-grouting – remove old grout quickly and accurately, without scratching or grazing sensitive tile surfaces.
  • Install electrical components – a very common use for electricians. Neatly cut plasterboard to the perfect shape and size for fitting light switches and power points – something you can’t do with the smallest saw.

Oscillating Multitool Application 

Get an Oscillating Multitool Delivered

Looking to get into the next project with a decent power tool for all those fiddly tasks?

For a Fein MultiMaster, or any other version, buy online today, and benefit from some of Australia’s most competitive freight deals. Questions about the unit itself? Get in touch with us now.