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Our Leica Disto Range: Delivered to You

When It Has to Be Right

We know the accuracy of your build affects the quality of your build. And precise measuring is at the centre of it. Looking for the easiest, most accurate and quickest way to measure up? Get rid of the standard measuring tape, and come over to the laser side. For the highest quality laser distance measurer, ask Allfasteners about the range of Leica Disto products, from leading surveying equipment company Leica Geosystems.

How does it work?

A laser distance meter projects a pulse of laser light to a desired point and calculates the time for the reflection to return. These Leica devices, particularly the X310, can do it from up to 120m away to an accuracy of +1mm. On board capabilities allow the user to save measurements that cover different directions and instantly calculate area, volume and distances between two diagonal points via Pythagoras’ theorem. And in the case of the D2 model, these results can be instantly and wirelessly sent to mobile device apps. Questions? Ask us now.

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  • Leica Disto™ D2

    Leica Disto™ D2

  • Leica Disto™ X310

    Leica Disto™ X310

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Measuring Leica Boss with Allfasteners

Models of Leica Disto laser distance measurers include:


  • Range of up to 120m with +1mm accuracy.
  • 4-line display.
  • 360 tilt sensor and Smart Horizontal Mode™ – take accurate horizontal measurements even when obstructed.
  • More on the X310


  • Bluetooth – wirelessly send measurements to mobile apps.
  • Up to 100m range with +1.5mm accuracy.
  • 3-line display
  • More on the D2

Advantages of the Leica Disto Series

…and why use a laser distance measurer in general.

The straightest line – the laser doesn’t flex like a physical tape can. This line creates greater accuracy for incremental divisions. No risk of misreading.

It’s a one-person job – the laser eliminates the need for a second person at the other end to hold the tape in place.

Faster – just point, click and the display shows results immediately. You’ll also have a free hand.

Easier to see – backlit display means you can use the tool in poorer light conditions.

Get around obstacles – no need to be able to reach the point where a measuring tape tip reaches…or doesn’t reach.

Measure up, up – floor to ceiling or any vertical height with a roof can be measured without the use of a ladder or the like. A great point of safety.

For a Leica Disto, Ask Allfasteners

Looking for a high-quality Leica Disto? Or are you looking for premium laser measuring options? Get in touch with Allfasteners, or buy now online.