Furniture Bolts and Screws from Allfasteners

Whether you're a cabinet maker or furniture builder, you know that your hard work in design and construction needs accompanying hardware to help you create an attractive and integrated look.

And it's not just aesthetics. You work is built to be sturdy for years of use, so your choice of fasteners needs to match this quality.

At Allfasteners, we understand the needs of all trades, and we supply a range of furniture bolts - or JCBs (joint connector bolts) as some say - in trade quantities to cabinet makers and furniture builders and designers right across Australia.

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For a Classy Look, go Nickel

Nickel finish is one of the most popular hardware and fastener choices for builders in the furniture trades, mainly due to the versatile nature of the colour - it can complement any timber or laminate colour, or any surrounding décor. Allfasteners stock and supply a large range of nickel-plated joint connector bolts in trade quantities.

These furniture bolts come in M6 diameter as standard and are offered in a range of lengths from 12mm to 110mm. NOTE: the quoted length is measured from under the bolt head.

Allfasteners also supply compatible JCB connector nuts that feature M6 diameter and 12mm length.

All bolts and nuts use a commonly-available 4mm hex socket driver bit.


From Furniture Bolts to Furniture Screws

Allfasteners also supply trade quantities of JCB-W woodscrews, featuring the same 4mm hex drive as the bolts.

The difference is in application - for jobs where there is no access to the other side of the material for attaching a nut, the JCB-W features a type 17 point and spaced thread for driving into timber. Access is only need from one side of the timber component.

These screws come in 6.3mm diameter as standard and a range of lengths from 30mm to 70mm. For full flexibility with aesthetic design, a range of finishes also exist:

  • Zinc Plated
  • Black Oxide*
  • Nickel Plated*
  • 304 Stainless Steel

As an alternate material, a 304 stainless steel option is also available, with a type 17 point.

Ask About Allfasteners' Furniture Bolts and More

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