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Anchor Fast with Allfasteners Chemical Studs

When anchoring is installed in high loading and critical situations, the use of chemical anchoring - also known as chemical injection - is essential.

Threaded rod or rebar is often used, and it is recommended you use a high-quality adhesive to create an airtight bond between the stud and masonry. This ensures that the bar, stud rebar or threaded rod grips the sides of the drilled hole with no pockets of space between irregular features such as the thread or mechanisms.

And it's not just the right products you need. Certification is also essential, so your project's final results are compliant to building-related standards. Chemical studs/anchoring systems from Allfasteners are available with complete data and certifications from the manufacturer, so you can tick all the compliance boxes, pre and post-purchase.

AFOS Software more info. 

AFOS Software more info. 

This solution comes in two components: the injectable chemical, capsule, stud or rebar.

Allfasteners for All Conditions
Depending on the applications, Allfasteners supply many different types of chemical adhesives, such as epoxy, vinylester or polyester-based resins.

At Allfasteners, chemical adhesives are offered in several configurations, comprising of any of the following:

More specifically, Allfasteners offer their own range of certified injectable chemical resins, which are the go-to for trades around Australia and world-wide:

Designed for deep structural embedment with a slower working time. Optimal for cracked concrete, diamond-bored drillings and oversized holes. Find out more >here.

Two-part vinylester-based resin rated for higher loads than polyester. Faster curing time, and suitable for embedding with rebar and threaded rod. Find out more here.

Cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and caulking gun compatible, a styrene-free and low-odour for lighter-strain applications. Find out more here.

A non-messy solution for low-volume or one-off jobs that do not require an applicator. Simply insert the capsule into the drilled hole and allow the chisel-pointed stud crush the contents into an instant mix with the mortar. To mix the chemical, simply spin the stud until all elements are combined. Airtight and super-strong results. Find out more here.

Quik Drive Auto-Feed Tool

All Applications
Allfasteners' chemical anchoring systems can be installed into stone, concrete, hollow and solid blocks, perforated bricks and a large number of other masonry types. And it's not just on the floor or foundation; Allfasteners chemical studs can be installed in overhead positions for secure anchoring and weight-holding capability.

Get More Information About Chemical Studs and Anchoring Systems

If you have any enquiries about Allfasteners' range of chemical studs solutions, get in touch today.