Allfasteners– Serving Petrochemical

Putting Strength in Petrochemical


The world needs fuel. And the infrastructure that produces it and distributes it to the world is something that needs strict ongoing maintenance.

From site shutdowns to new projects, those companies’ access to reliable suppliers for parts and fasteners is crucial. Downtime affects margins as well as the smooth running of the economy and consumables prices. That’s why, in Australasia, the biggest players in the petrochemical sector look to Allfasteners for stud bolts and other industrial-grade fasteners.

Allfasteners supply ASTM A193/A194 stud bolts, heavy hex nuts, and other fasteners to meet the needs of the fast-paced petrochemical industry.

Some of Allfasteners’ petrochemical clients include:


The Trusted Partner in Petrochemical

Allfasteners are commissioned time and time again by these companies.

Here’s why:

Time Critical

Fast turnaround time – with our own facilities and a network of highly professional and accredited fabricators, we can ship either off the shelf or custom-made stud bolts and fasteners in the fastest time to site anywhere in the southern hemisphere.


Decades of experience – Allfasteners’ roots in the fasteners industry at the trades level for many decades. Our relationships are built on trust, knowledge, and informed consultation.


Quality – for service and certified products. All compositional materials and finishes are graded for strict compliance to regulations for safety and performance. This applies to both off the shelf and custom-made products.

COO – Country of Origin

Quality Origins, Quality Results

At Allfasteners, we understand that the sourcing of materials can be fraught with doubt. This is especially true when tendering for projects that are worth millions, if not billions in revenue.

Many of our clients win infrastructure construction contracts through being able to provide strictly accurate compliance documents from us to their clients. This documentation formally outlines engineering-based requirements and information about our fasteners’ Country of Origin (COO).

In Australia, and other parts of Australasia, this documentation is nearly always required in every project, especially when procurement is sourcing material for large construction projects and essential infrastructure development.

For All Products

Whether it’s for the supply of already-stocked products, or for custom made bolts, nuts and other fasteners, Allfasteners has easy access to all records from all manufacturing facilities, creating a reputation for trust and transparency. This open approach to information supply is what has clients returning to us time and time again. In a way, we make it easier for our clients to gain clients.

Worldly Knowledge

Allfasteners prides themselves in having a network of manufacturing facilities across the globe, and the use of facilities in COO countries. If a product must be made outside of these zones, accurate documentation can also be provided upon request.