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Australian Roads and Bonded Anchors

About Section 680

VicRoads’ standard contract document, Section 680, outlines the requirements for:

  • "Supply of materials, installation, workmanship and testing of bonded anchors installed in concrete.”
  • "The design of bonded anchors shall comply with the VicRoads Bridge Technical Note BTN006 Code of Practice, Bonded Anchors.”

About Allfasteners’ Capabilities

At Allfasteners, we recognise these requirements as a fundamental and critical element in the construction of safe infrastructure. That’s why we stock products that comply with and adhere to these standards, as well as high-level standards outlined for global applications.

Our considerations and services include:

ETAG (European Technical Assessment Guideline)
Allfasteners’ understanding of its products and their applications within the guidelines applicable to chemical and mechanical anchoring is sound and certified. We offer these products with the specific intention of their application within the needs of Section 680 in mind.

Allfasteners has the complete offering – testing and approval documents, for the satisfaction of all requirements relating to Section 680.

Allfasteners will go to site and train installers on correct techniques for installation on all anchors.

Our in-house engineer is always on hand to offer further installation support, including a fast turnaround time on answers to questions sent to:

680.02  Standards
Australian Standards related to bonded anchors supplied by Allfasteners are:

  • AS 5216 Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings in concrete
  • AS 2193 Calibration and classification of force-measuring systems
  • AS 1391 Metallic materials – Tensile testing at ambient temperature

See also, additional document and referenced specification relating to Allfasteners’ bonded anchor products:

  • BTN006 VicRoads Bridge Technical Note, Code of Practice, Bonded Anchors

Applicable Allfasteners Products

More About Our Anchor Systems

Additional applicable data as follows, regarding Allfasteners’ bonded anchors.

“VicRoads Section 680.05 – Materials

  • Our bonded anchor systems are certified in accordance with a third-party materials accreditation, in accordance with AS 5216 Appendix B and ETAG (European Technical Assessment Guideline) 001 Part 5.
  • Bonded anchor systems with current ETA (European Technical Assessment/Approval) automatically conform to the requirements of AS 5216 Appendix B – Allfasteners’ products fall under both categories.
  • Chemical adhesives – those containing styrenes are not permitted under Section 680. Allfasteners supplies styrene-free options.”

Installation Training

680.06 Competency and Training of Personnel – Allfasteners Has You Covered

From VicRoads Section 680.06:

“The bonded anchor installer shall be certified by the Australian Engineered Fasteners and Anchors Council (AEFAC), or shall be able to provide evidence of competency acceptable to the Superintendent.
All personnel who are required to install bonded anchors shall be AEFAC certified installers or be trained by the supplier of the bonded anchor system in the specific installation requirements of the project before bonded anchor installation commences.”

Allfasteners are qualified, as the supplier, to train your staff in correct installation of our products. An individual who passes will be issued with a proof of competency – a card that includes their name and photograph, as well as evidence of their newly-acquired certification.

Load Testing Of Installed Bonded Anchors

From VicRoads Section 680.09:

It is a requirement that after installation, all or a percentage of bonded anchors are tested to confirm their performance.

Allfasteners can assist with testing, reporting and supply of equipment, to ensure that their clients comply with the following critical excerpts from VicRoads Section 680:

“Bonded anchors shall be tested using testing equipment that has been calibrated as a minimum, on an annual basis at the required intervals in accordance with AS 2193…

…reporting the findings including the different possible modes of failure.”

The proof load shall be maintained for a minimum period of 60 seconds.”

Allfasteners is also Australia’s leading supplier of Hydrajaws pull testing equipment, and we have become closely-acquainted with proper use of the machines as well as the use of Bluetooth® gauges for easy and quick reporting. We use this equipment to test our chemical anchor products in Australian concrete, in addition to ETA certification, prior to their launch to the market. And in the case of VicRoads Section 680, we know via this that our products comply.

Find Out More

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