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Torx Bits And Which Ones to Use

What is a Torx Driver Bit?

Torx Bits Rotational Torque Diagram

A 6-lobe or star patten commonly referred to as a torx drive is manufactured to very critical, proprietary tolerances. The torx drive is a popular head type for construction screws, masonry anchors, security fixings and other speciality fixings,

The torx drive shape provides many benefits over alternative drive types such as the internal hex drive, Philips, or slot driver types.
Firstly, the unique 6-lobe star design provides higher rotational torque as there is increased surface area contact, as the angle of each lobe is closer to 90° of directional force. A Torx bit is able to provide higher rotational force due to the increased angle of contact, which means faster and reliable screw embedment.
Secondly, Torx drive bits reduce cam-out (stripping) in the head of the screw. The straight vertical walls of 6-lobed star design increases tool engagement reduces over-torqueing by providing consistent torque throughout the lobe design and increased surface area contact.

There are a several types of torx driver bits that when paired with the correct power tool will improve installation  and save you time. Let’s go through them.

Which Torx Bit to Use?

Torx Bits And Which Ones to Use
  • Torx Bit (T1)

    Torx Driver Bits are a great starting point for use in softer materials such as timber, or for a limited short duration, hard materials including masonry. These bits come in several tip sizes and lengths, with some bits available with a longer shank . A longer shank on a Torx bit will buffer periods of high rotational force, increasing durability while reducing cam-out.

  • Torx Pin Security Bits (T2)

    Commonly used for tamper-resistant screws or security screws, Torx Security Bits feature a centre whole to allow for the small post on top of the screw. These types of screws are often used where added security is necessary such as prisons, security locks, or computer parts.

  • Torx Align Impact Bits (TA1)

    Torx Align Impact Bits have the same features as the standard Torx Drivers, with a few extras. Designed for high torque applications, the torsion zone absorbs torque peaks reducing the stress experienced through the shank which leads to cam out and tip breakages.The gold appearance is due to the Titanium Nitride coating, coupled with hardened steel, to increases durability and strength. And most importantly, the tip is tapered allowing the driver to be wedged into the screw. Not only does this allow one handed usage and comfort knowing the screw isn’t going to fall off. The wedge tip also increases self-centering stability in certain types of screws like self-drillers or self-tappers.
    These bits are perfect for soft materials such as timber, or harder materials for driving concrete or masonry anchors.

  • Torx Impact ½ in.  Socket Bits (T1)

    Torx Impact ½ Inch Square Drive Socket Bits are the toughest and most durable Torx bits in this range. Their construction from Chrome Molybdenum provides characteristics perfect for heavy construction applications through superior strength, higher rigidity, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. The material and design choice for Torx Impact Socket Bit means high performance and reliability in heavy construction activities such as driving Torx concrete screw anchors. These bits have extreme durability, increased performance, and are a perfect fit for impact wrenches. 

Its important when choosing Torx driver bits that they are of high quality construction and design. Using lesser bits will increase breakage and cam-out, which could leave you up-to-the-hilt in downtime, increased cost, and even injury.
AF Torx Driver Bits are not only constructed from high quality steel or chrome molybdenum alloy, but have had careful design considerations applied to them to reduce onsite risks and maximise efficiency.

Use Cases

TypeToolingSuitable Products

Torx Bit (T1)
Suitable for timber and for short duration masonry applications.

Drill Drivers and Impact Drivers

Short Duration:

Torx Pin Security Bit (T2)
Only for tamper resistant screws.

Drill Drivers on low speed

Torx Align Impact (TA1) Bits
Reliability across timber and concrete applications.

Ideal for Impact Drivers.

Torx Impact ½ in. Socket Bit
For heavy duty construction applications.

Ideal for use with many types of Impact Wrench power tools.

More Questions About Torx Bits?

Questions about Torx Driver bits, applications, or anything from our range of products? Get in touch with Allfasteners now.