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Telecommunications Tower Maintenance With NexGen2 Blind Bolt

Telecommunication tower maintenance is critical to any mobile phone tower's safe and efficient operation. However, when it comes time for a monopole to be upgraded or repaired, the job can be difficult and dangerous. That's why nationwide telecommunication carriers reach out to AM2PM GROUP, leaders in monopole maintenance, using Allfasteners' NexGen2 Structural Blind Bolt Assembly.

AM2PM GROUP's Belmont South project had a planned repair schedule adding and removing steel elements on the tower communications mast, applying rust preventative measures, and adding C-channel steel up the tower's height. But they needed a fastening solution to secure the channel to the tower.

Searching for a Blind Bolt Solution

Typical welding and sheeting solutions have previously proved costly and time-consuming, and AM2PM GROUP knew it could be done with blind bolting but was unable to find a supplier that met the criteria. With over 450 holes across 36 C-channel braces that were needed to support and reinforce the structure, AM2PM GROUP needed a solution that worked for them. The blind bold had to be:

  • Fast to install.
  • Easy to use at heights.
  • With a modern and innovative design.

Other suppliers had outdated and cumbersome installation methods. So after coming across the NexGen2 bolt, AM2PM GROUP booked a demonstration with Allfasteners to exhibit and learn more about the blind bolting system. NexGen2 's one-sided bolting features:

  • Pre-assembled bolt with an installation tool.
  • Available in a variety of lengths.
  • Made from high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Innovative design with shear protection washer and folding washer
  • Easy tensioning with a torque wrench and shearing spline.

After seeing the bolts in action, AM2PM GROUP claimed it as "no brainer" for use on the Newcastle telecommunication monopole maintenance project. The NexGen2 system outperformed the competition and was the perfect solution for the task at hand, hitting all the criteria for the crew.

NexGen2 Blind Bolting in Monopole Self Supporting Towers

Over the next week, AM2PM GROUP was able to install the bracing up the tower's height with the NexGen2 system. Because the system is so easy to install, AM2PM GROUP could use a specialised height safety solution that didn't involve a crane at any point in the project. Plus, the blind bolting system's flexibility allowed the team to continue with work when encountering complications without going back for redesigns.

Initially the client quoted the project to take over two weeks to complete, but the project was completed a week ahead of schedule and under budget, thanks in part to Allfasteners' NexGen2 Blind Bolts. The ease of installation and efficiency of the NexGen2 made it the perfect fastener for AM2PM GROUP's monopole strengthening project and proved to be a valuable time saver.

Tower Repair with NexGen2

After using NexGen2 as their blind bolting solution, AM2PM GROUP has now secured additional monopole tower jobs through significant telecommunication companies in Australia. Having seen the success of the NexGen2 Blind Bolt Assembly on the Belmont South monopole tower, major telecommunication carriers are now regularly reaching out to AM2PM GROUP for more projects just like the Newcastle location.

Are you looking for a fast and easy-to-use blind bolting system? Look no further than NexGen2 from Allfasteners. With an innovative design that is both strong and fast to install, NexGen2 has quickly become the go-to choice for monopole tower maintenance.