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Supplying Seismic Anchors for the Centre for Higher Education Studies

Figurehead Constructions sourced Allfasteners' engineering expertise and compliant X-SAHZ seismic anchor for the Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES) building.

The South Yarra Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES) is an ambitious project that promises to be an architectural and functional masterpiece of design. Designed as a hybrid mass timber and concrete structure, Figurehead was selected as the primary builder with their proven track record and extensive experience to lead the project.

Architecturally Striking with Seismic Safety

The rigorous build design meant that precision was required in all aspects of this project. This included using high-quality fasteners that will avoid potential failure during seismic events and maintaining structural integrity by adhering strictly to standards set forth by Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec (WGA) engineers.

Exposed timber beams were to be used to support an upper concrete floor which was required to meet aesthetic and safety requirements. The structural anchors used to hold the brackets had to be seismic C1 & C2 compliant and have the capacity to withstand very high loadings.

Moreover, since the anchors would experience high shear loadings, the clearance holes in the bracketry needed to be carefully considered and a solution provided. Failing to address this issue could result in complete anchor failure to structural connections.

Figurehead and WGA needed an engineered solution to consider all of these factors so that the CHES building would be safe and secure for students, staff, and the community.

XSAH-Z Concrete Anchors for Structural Connections

Working in conjunction with Figurehead builders and WGA engineers, Allfasteners was able to design a solution using their in-house engineering team and products.

Allfasteners range of X-Series anchors is compliant with either C1, C2, or both seismic conditions. A part of the range, XSAH-Z concrete screw anchors, are designed & tested to withstand high loads and work in seismic applications, ticking all the boxes for stakeholders. Therefore, the high performance XSAH-Z was the perfect choice for the bracket and concrete connection. The remaining challenge to be solved was the void between the bracket clearance hole and anchor.

Filler washers are a new product to the fasteners market purposely designed to fill annular gaps for structural connections. By placing the washer in between the bracket and anchor head, a chemical anchor can be injected into the centre gap between the anchor and the inner diameter of the bracket holes. The filled gap now means all anchors in the bracket take equal shear loadings.

Allfasteners provided a full solution-based delivery, including structural design calculations that met all requirements — making it possible for Figurehead builders and WGA engineers to specify the products and install them in the project.

When it came time to install the products for CHES, a mass timber building, Standstruct was the obvious choice. With their experience and know-how, they were able to quickly and easily install the Filler Washers and XSAH-Z anchors, without any delay. The simplicity of the solution allowed the Standstruct team to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Thanks to their expertise, the CHES system was installed correctly and to the specified design.

As a result, the exposed timber beams and zinc silver brackets and anchors are sure to make a high impact with their striking design without compromising safety, aesthetics, or efficiency. Thanks in part to Allfasteners, the South Yarra Centre for Higher Education Studies is on track to be completed on time and on a budget in 2022.

Solutions-based Supply: Fasteners & Engineering with Allfasteners

As a company focused on a solutions-based approach, Allfasteners is dedicated to providing the highest quality products with the technical expertise and support needed for every project. For the CHES project, supplying an inclusive solution comprising of products and engineering support was required to provide the complete package.

If you require seismic anchors or structural engineering solutions for your next project, be sure to contact Allfasteners, For All Things Fixings.