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Where can Aluminium Horseshoe Packers be used?

Aluminum Packers

Commonly used during window and cladding installations, horseshoe packers are the go-to when it comes to filling the gaps around fixing points, and finely adjusting the fit of whatever you’re installing. They’re generally made from polypropylene, but recently aluminium packers and shims have been making their way into construction projects. So where would you use aluminium horseshoe packers

Well, it’s all about the specifications for the job at hand. Aluminium packers can do everything a polypropylene packer can do, but they have a higher fire resistance and hardness rating. This allows them to be specified in applications where a high fire resistance rating is deemed necessary by design. Though only some, and not all, products used in fire rated construction projects are required to have a specific combustibility rating. Aluminium horseshoe packers are one of these products. And their inclusion for usage can vary design to design depending on what fire rating engineers deem necessary.
It’s recommended to refer to your project design team on what aspects of the build need fire rated products. For example, a building’s exterior cladding might require all materials between the façade and the substrate to have a fire rating, where aluminium horseshoe packers would be needed.

Regardless, when you find yourself on a job that requires fire resistant or non-combustible materials to be used, that’s where aluminium horseshoe packers fill the gap, literally! Allfasteners' Aluminium Horseshoe Packers are made from 5005 grade aluminium, have a range of thicknesses and sizes, and a higher melting point than polypropylene.

Whether you’re installing cladding to steel or fitting windows and entrance ways, we stock a range of non-combustible aluminium horseshoe packers in bulk quantities. Check out our range here as well as their respective technical data sheets.

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