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How NexGen2 Helped AM2PM GROUP To Secure More Tower Maintenance Projects

AM2PM GROUP is an industry leader in tower and monopole maintenance for the telecommunications industry in Australia. They are the company to call when you need a high-quality tower maintenance service. They have secured several high-profile tower maintenance projects with over 30 years of combined experience, a talented team, and an exceptional safety record.

AM2PM GROUP knew that a blind bolting fastening solution could strengthen their business case to provide a point of difference and win even more contracts. This is where NexGen2 came in.

NexGen2 is a unique structural bolt assembly designed for one-sided bolting where there's limited access on the other side structures, like monopoles in the telecommunications industry. It is quick and easy to install, with no need for welding, meaning that it can be used in even the most challenging of structures.

Newcastle's Telecommunications Monopole Maintenance

AM2PM GROUP adopted the NexGen2 system as part of the Belmont South scheduled maintenance for a nationwide telecommunication carrier and their telecommunications tower, requiring 36 C-channel sections to be installed up the tower's height. Where welding solutions could have been used, they're often labour intensive, time-consuming, and overall more costly. But this was not the case with NexGen2 in the hands of AM2PM GROUP.

Initially, the client estimated the project to take around two weeks with a crane to support maintenance operations. However, AM2PM GROUP could eliminate the crane, instead opting for powerful winches and a talented crew to work at height. Plus reducing the time needed at height by using the adopted blind bolt system to install the sections rapidly. The proposed solution was faster by a week, safer for maintenance personnel, and reduced costs by more than half for the client, all without compromising the tower structure.

Challenges Encountered On-site

However, the monopole had additional challenges to reveal as the project went along. With over 450 holes needed to attach C-channel sections to support and reinforce the structure, the monopole's inner and outer steel sleeve resulted in up to 5 layers that needed to be drilled through. This called for high precision and speed from the AM2PM GROUP team and their magnetic drills. Working furiously over the week, the amount of steel drilled out wore down 5 high-end drill bits.

Flanges up the tower's height proved to be the next obstacle having to be removed or modified to accommodate the C-channel steel being installed. Often requiring on-site fabrication at the tower site and further installations.

Despite these challenges, AM2PM GROUP was still able to complete the project successfully and on schedule, aided by the NexGen2 system and its innovative design. The system's ease of use and quick installation time meant that the team could work more quickly and safely at height, without having to return to design when challenges arose. As a result, AM2PM GROUP was able to achieve:

  • One week installation process by not using a welding solution.
  • Reduced client costs, having negated the use of cranes.
  • No injuries or safety issues on site.
  • 100% monopole strengthening.

NexGen2 Results in More Projects

For AM2PM GROUP, this was a clear win. They were able to improve their competitiveness and efficiency while maintaining an exceptional safety record. NexGen2 was a vital component of this success, providing them with a blind bolt solution without compromise.

As a result of this successful project, AM2PM GROUP has been noticed by major telecommunications brands across Australia and secured more maintenance projects. They are now recognised as a go-to supplier for safe and efficient tower maintenance using the latest maintenance solutions.

Allfasteners is proud to have been a part of this project and looks forward to continued success with AM2PM GROUP in the future.