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Heavy Duty Construction Screws: Landscaping and More

Diagram of Heavy Duty Construction Screws for Landscaping, Sleepers, Gardening, and General Construction

A versatile screw that tackles heavy duty or wide timbers, regardless if you're using softwood or hardwood.

Typical landscaping screws are great to use in timber sleepers, retaining walls, or garden beds but can fall short in wider timber applications. However, Allfasteners’ Heavy Duty Construction screws are the flexible workhorses of landscaping screws for any timber construction using heavy duty timber, where battens or exterior screws are not able to handle the load. HDC screws are perfect for decking joists, trusses & exposed beams, pergolas & pavilions, retaining walls & post supports, and general residential frame construction.

Their unique design coupled with pan-head or countersunk options allow both fast embedment and great aesthetic results that last, and are more than just the average bugle batten screws.

HDC screws have an outstanding performance through their innovative design and features:

  • Overall length and diameter provide higher shear and tension loads.
  • Torx drive head applies constant rotational pressure for easy driving.
  • Lower thread height increases both speed and efficiency when embedding.
  • Shank ribs counter timber chipping and prevent over-torqueing.
  • Serrated threads make for easy fixing into the hardest timbers.
  • Class 4 galvanisation reduces corrosion in treated timber.
  • No pre-drilling is required with the milled Type 17 cutting tip.
  • Available in countersunk for a flush finish or pan-heads for increased clamping force.
  • Countersunk screws are available from M8 to M10.
  • Pan-head screws are available from M6 to M10.
  • For use in softwood or hardwood.

Our Heavy Duty Construction screws are loaded with features that help with performance, longevity, and finish. HDC screws are available from 120mm to 320mm lengths in countersunk or 50mm to 340mm lengths in pan-head, capable of tackling some of the largest timber widths. They’re also super easy to use, reducing preparation and effort needed to install.

How Our Heavy Duty Construction Screws Work

Great for use in decking and pergolas, or retaining walls where thick timber is in use.

Our Heavy Duty Construction screws make working with large and heavy duty timbers much easier. Firstly, the milled Type 17 cutting tip eliminates the need for pre-drilling, designed to remove material as the fluted point embeds itself into the timber. Simply, attach the screw to your impact driver, and you’re good to go.
Next, the serrated tapping thread, coupled with the highly efficient Torx drive head, allow for easy driving no matter if it’s softwood or hardwood. As the screw is being embedded, the upper shank ribs widen the whole to ensure the screw does not over-torque into softer timbers. Next up, the finish.

If you are using a countersunk HDC screw, the head has a series of nibs to help the screw embed itself for a superb flush finish. While The pan-head variant has additional clamping force through the large surface area contact between head and timber. It just depends on what load you’re working with and what type of finish you’re looking for. No matter the finish you choose to go with, both HDC screw variants are coated in Class 4 galvanisation that reduces corrosion in treated timber and increases the longevity of the structure.

From easy driving to the right finish, using Heavy Duty Construction screws are faster and longer lasting than the typical landscaping or exterior timber screw. See our range of HDC screws and tiered pricing options:

HDC-C: Heavy Duty Construction Screw Countersunk Head

HDC-P: Heavy Duty Construction Screw Pan-Head

Have Questions About Fixing Heavy Duty Timber?

We’re happy to help with any enquiries when fixing heavy duty timber or any other fastener questions. Get in touch with Allfasteners now, For All Things Fixings.