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AS5216:2018 Australian Standard and What it Means

bi metal screw anchor

Since 2015, and up until now, the standard for the design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings in concrete has been Standards Australia Technical Specification SA TS 101:2015 . In the last month, that specification has been updated to a new Australian Standard® and renamed AS5216:2018.

In relation to this specific set of applications, this Australian Standard is prepared by “Committee ME-029, Fasteners” – a conglomerate of experts and professionals from the construction industry. These professionals are members of several organisations and peak bodies that oversee the proper and compliant use of fasteners, such as the The Australian Engineered Fasteners and Anchor Council (AEFAC), Australian Building Codes Board, Materials Australia, National Association of Testing Authorities Australia and several more.

Keeping these standards up to date is critical for the Australian construction industry to enhance the safety and efficiency associated with the use of structural anchors and fasteners, for when new designs of fasteners hit the market over time, and ensure that current products are still being produced to standard.

Each product variation must adhere to the same criteria for performance in concrete, steel or any other critical element in construction. For concrete, many factors are tested, all of which must pass pre-set criteria for the application, such as loading, materials quality, substrate application, serviceability, design for shear loading, design for tensile loading (and a combination of shear and tensile) and more.

At Allfasteners we welcome this new standard that further enhances the specification, selection, design and installation of structural anchors and fasteners in the Australian construction industry. Many of Allfasteners’ products are deemed to comply to the TS101:2015 standard, and now also fall under AS5216:2018, such as our chemical anchor products, wedge anchors and screw anchors.

If you are looking to specify the use of a fastener in concrete for AS5216:2018, and you’re not sure, get in touch with our experts For All Things Fixings now.