M24 Threaded Stud Adaptor

HYDRAJAWS Model 2008 HD Threaded Stud Adaptor

HYDRAJAWS Model 2008 HD Threaded Stud Adaptor

Stud adaptors are used to directly test threaded M24 studs anchored into concrete.

Compatible with the HYDRAJAWS® Model 2008 145kN tester.

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How to use threaded stud adaptor.



  • Once the anchor has been set as per manufacturers instructions, the threaded adaptor can then be fitted. There shall be at minimum length of the studs threads exposed to secure into the adaptor. This length must be at least equal to the diameter of the anchor.
  • Remove the locking adaptor if fitted from pull tester. When the adaptor is securely fitted to the anchor thread position, place the tester over the adaptor. Passing the head through the hole in the bridge and engage it in the pulling jaw of the tester.
  • Level the load spreading bridge with the adjustable legs before commencing the application of the load.
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