Hydrajaws Calibration & Servicing

Analogue & Digital Gauge Calibration

It is recommended that all hydraulic pressure gauges are inspected on a regular basis to have there accuracy verified as they do not stay calibrated indefinitely. A yearly calibration check and inspection will ensure accuracy and a long service life.

We service all genuine Hydrajaw® gauges from our Melbourne and Sydney service centers, all gauges will be inspected and calibrated accordingly. Once received if your gauge passes inspection we will complete calibration and a new 12-month certificate is supplied.

Not all gauges can be re-calibrated. If your gauges fails inspection you will be informed with the option to repair or replace.

  • Repairable – repairs are quoted. Customer pays for repairs, inspection test and calibration.
  • Replace – gauge cannot be repaired and is discard. Customer purchases new gauge with 12-month calibration certificate, inspection test fee is waived.

Hydrajaws Issue 3 Digital Gauge

Kit Servicing & Repairs:

In addition to calibration your entire Hydrajaws® kit can be serviced by Allfasteners. A Hydrajaws® kit inspection and service includes oil change, replacement bearings, seals and labels and labor. In addition any replacement or missing parts will be quoted prior to servicing.

Fees & Charges

  • Inspection Fee $50 ex. gst.
  • Repairs and parts will be quoted.
  • Calibration Analogue $195 ex. gst.: 12-month calibration, includes inspection fee and return shipping.
  • Calibration Digital $250 ex. gst.: 12-month calibration, firmware updates, includes inspection fee and return shipping.

Payment for the calibration and or servicing will be required prior to returning your gauge. Customer service will advise any further costs or parts and servicing once your equipment is received. Payment can be made over the phone or in person.

Customer service can be reached at Melbourne 03 9330 0555 and Sydney 02 8844 4550 for further information.

Hydrajaws Issue 2 Digital Gauge (discontinued)

Service Request Form

Please complete this form by referring to your current Certificate of Calibration included with your Hydrajaws® pull tester kit or individual gauge if purchased separately.

Important Information

How long does it take to calibrate? We only require 3 - 5 working days to calibrate and check all gauge types from our Melbourne & Sydney service centers. Returning equipment via our couriers may take 1 - 2 days depending on location. Please advise Customer Service if you prefer express postage. Unfortunately the M2008 model will be required to be sent to Hydrajaws® UK for calibration and or servicing please allow 7 – 10 working days.

ONLY the gauge is required for calibration and reissue of the certificate. Carefully package your gauge and send to your selected service center in Melbourne or Sydney service center – your gauge should be in good working order, physical damage may incur further costs or replacement.

DO NOT attempt to remove the gauge in M2008 Kits. We require the entire M2008 kit to be sent to our service center were will remove the gauge and complete a full visual inspection prior to sending to the UK.

Hydrajaws Analogue Gauge