Hex Bolt & Nut 4.6 Mild-Steel Zinc Metric Part-Thread

Hex Bolt 4.6 Mild-Steel Zinc Metric ISO4014/AS1111.1

Zinc plated 4.6 mild-steel hex bolts are available in limited lengths. Generally for each thread size the longer lengths can be found here, these bolts will have a smooth section before the thread starts.

  • 4.6 mild-steel hex bolts supplied with hex nuts
  • Bolts are part thread

For 4.6 hex bolts in shorter lengths with full-thread  see 4.6 set screws here.


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More Information
More Information
Delivery SHIPS IN 1 - 2 DAYS
Material Grade 4.6 Mild Steel
Coating & Plating Zinc Clear
Head Type Hexagonal
Driver Type Hex Socket
Diameter / Gauge M8, M10, M12, M16
Thread Type Metric
Technical Information
SKU Dia.-Pitch Length A/F [ s ] A/C [ e ] Thread Length [ b ]
6HCMZN08025 M8–1.25 25mm 13mm 15mm 22mm
6HCMZN08030 M8–1.25 30mm 13mm 15mm 22mm
6HCMZN08035 M8–1.25 35mm 13mm 15mm 22mm
6HCMZN08040 M8–1.25 40mm 13mm 15mm 22mm
6HCMZN08050 M8–1.25 50mm 13mm 15mm 22mm
6HCMZN08060 M8–1.25 60mm 13mm 15mm 22mm
6HCMZN08065 M8–1.25 65mm 13mm 15mm 22mm
6HCMZN08070 M8–1.25 70mm 13mm 15mm 22mm
6HCMZN08075 M8–1.25 75mm 13mm 15mm 22mm
6HCMZN08100 M8 100mm M8 x 100mm
6HCMZN10020 M10–1.5 20mm 16mm 18mm 20mm
6HCMZN10025 M10–1.5 25mm 16mm 18mm 25mm
6HCMZN10030 M10–1.5 30mm 16mm 18mm 26mm
6HCMZN10040 M10–1.5 40mm 16mm 18mm 26mm
6HCMZN10050 M10–1.5 50mm 16mm 18mm 26mm
6HCMZN10055 M10–1.5 55mm 16mm 18mm 26mm
6HCMZN10060 M10–1.5 60mm 16mm 18mm 26mm
6HCMZN08020 M8–1.25 20mm 13mm 15mm 22mm
6HCMZN10065 M10–1.5 65mm 16mm 18mm 26mm
6HCMZN10070 M10–1.5 70mm 16mm 18mm 26mm
6HCMZN10075 M10–1.5 75mm 16mm 18mm 26mm
6HCMZN10080 M10–1.5 80mm 16mm 18mm 26mm
6HCMZN10090 M10–1.5 90mm 16mm 18mm 26mm
6HCMZN10100 M10–1.5 100mm 16mm 18mm 26mm
6HCMZN10120 M10–1.5 120mm 16mm 18mm 26mm
6HCMZN10130 M10–1.5 130mm 16mm 18mm 32mm
6HCMZN12030 M12–1.75 30mm 18mm 20mm 30mm
6HCMZN12040 M12–1.75 40mm 18mm 20mm 30mm
6HCMZN12050 M12–1.75 50mm 18mm 20mm 30mm
6HCMZN12060 M12–1.75 60mm 18mm 20mm 30mm
6HCMZN12065 M12–1.75 65mm 18mm 20mm 30mm
6HCMZN12075 M12–1.75 75mm 18mm 20mm 30mm
6HCMZN12080 M12–1.75 80mm 18mm 20mm 30mm
6HCMZN12090 M12–1.75 90mm 18mm 20mm 30mm
6HCMZN12100 M12–1.75 100mm 18mm 20mm 30mm
6HCMZN12120 M12–1.75 120mm 18mm 20mm 30mm
6HCMZN12130 M12–1.75 130mm 18mm 20mm 36mm
6HCMZN16040 M16–2.0 40mm 24mm 27mm 40mm
6HCMZN16050 M16–2.0 50mm 24mm 27mm 42mm
6HCMZN16065 M16–2.0 65mm 24mm 27mm 42mm
6HCMZN16075 M16–2.0 75mm 24mm 27mm 42mm
6HCMZN16080 M16–2.0 80mm 24mm 27mm 42mm
6HCMZN16100 M16–2.0 100mm 24mm 27mm 42mm
6HCMZN16120 M16–2.0 120mm 24mm 27mm 42mm
6HCMZN16130 M16–2.0 130mm 24mm 27mm 57mm