Shallow Embedment Impact Anchors

NK-S Nailhead Anchor 316/A4 Stainless Steel

Easy to install the NK-S are a small nail in anchor designed with the same advantages of larger wedge anchors. Simply hammer in and the wedge expansion clip takes effect as the load is applied. No torque is required, these anchors are installed through the fixture and ideal for for shallow embedment.

A shallower embedment reduces drilling the effort required and the concrete base material is minimal. MK-S anchors are ETA assessed for redundant fastening in both cracked and un-cracked concrete.

NK-S 316 stainless steel nail anchors can be installed where exposure to extreme environments can occur.

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  • Fast and simple anchor for cracked concrete
  • ETA assessed for redundant anchoring
  • Reduced anchoring depths of 25mm possible
  • Very small edge distances and spacing


Use For

  • Suspended ceiling installation
  • HVAC pipping and service installation
  • Facade and cladding applications using metal frames or light steel channel
  • Installation of cable trays
  • Installation of lighting fixtures


Physical Characteristics

  • Head OD: 12mm
  • Head Height: 3mm
  • Anchor Diameter: 6mm



  • Drill diameter: 6mm
  • Standard drill depth: 40mm
  • Reduced drill depth: 35mm
  • Diameter of clearance in fixture: 7mm
  • Minimum concrete thickness: 80mm


Dust and debris must be cleared from the hole either by blowing out or with a vacuum.

Installation parameters a general in advice. For complaint installation of anchors refer to ETA assessment and or drawings prepared by an engineer for loads to be fastened.

* 6 x 39mm fixture thickness based on reduced drill depth permitted only for use with structures subject to dry internal conditions. Please refer to the ETA document for standard and reduced anchorage depths.

Product List
SKU Description Availability List Price Pack
More Information
More Information
Material Grade 316 Stainless Steel
Coating & Plating Plain / Unplated
Head Type Flat Top
Diameter / Gauge 6.0mm
For use with Concrete (cracked), Concrete (un-cracked)
Setting Conditions Dustless Drilling, Hammer Drilling, Close to Edge, Overhead, Through Fixture
Approvals & Documents ETA Certification, Fire Resistance
Use for Facade & Cladding, Handrails & Balustrade, HVAC
Technical Information
SKU Dia x Length Fixture, tfix Drill Dia x Depth Min. Material Thickness
1NHAS06039 6 x 39mm NK-S 5mm* 6 x 35mm 80mm
1NHAS06044 6 x 44mm NK-S 5mm 6 x 40mm 80mm
1NHAS06049 6 x 49mm NK-S 10mm 6 x 40mm 80mm
1NHAS06054 6 x 54mm NK-S 15mm 6 x 40mm 80mm
1NHAS06059 6 x 59mm NK-S 20mm 6 x 40mm 80mm
1NHAS06069 6 x 69mm NK-S 30mm 6 x 40mm 80mm
1NHAS06089 6 x 89mm NK-S 50mm 6 x 40mm 80mm