Unisafe RP462 Respirator Half Mask Twin Filter

Unisafe RP462 Respirator Half Mask Twin Filter

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RP462 half mask twin filter respirator is good for general trade, industrial, and agriculture working environments including wood working, paint and chemical spraying.

The respirator includes a quick release elastic head band and the harness incorporates a soft head pad. A single inhalation valve and two exhaustion ports.

Replaceable filters are inserted into separate retaining rings that are then fitted into the holders, filters are held firmly in-place and protected.

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Use only genuine spare parts. After each use the respirator should be checked, cleaned and disinfected. Replace damaged parts. Inhalation and exhalation valves should be replaced annually.

Clean only with lukewarm water and mild detergent (neutral pH 6-8). Do not use solvents (like turpentine, acetone), hot water or bleaching agents (like Perborate, Percarbonate). After cleaning, disinfect the inside the faceseal with a disinfection solution e.g. distel


  • RP462L half face respirator should be protected from direct sunlight, grease and oil contamination
  • Store in a dry cool place. Storage: between 20°C to +30°C, max RH 75%
  • Components of the respirator should not be more than 5 years old

After use, an opened filter must be sealed tightly if it is to be reused, but it must be replaced within 6 months of initial use.

Filters are sealed in plastic bags by the manufacturer. Store filters unopened in a clean place at even temperature, between 20°C to 30°C with a relative humidity below 75%. Do not try to recycle used filters. Never clean the filters with compressed air or compressed water.

Make sure that they are disposed of according to the filtered substance (gases or particles) in accordance with current waste treatment regulations.

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