GESIPA® Powerbird® Pro 18V Brush-less BULB-TITE Riveter

GESIPA® Powerbird® Pro 18V Brush-less BULB-TITE Riveter

PowerBird® Pro – the battery-powered blind rivet setting tool with 15 kN setting force and brush-less motor. Ideal for installation of BULB-TITE® rivets.

This tool features a nose piece specifically designed to allow fixing off large BULB-TITE® rivets up ø 7.0mm. With the powerful BLDC 18V brush-less motor setting large rivets can be completed in a single pull of the trigger.

The Pro series feature a nose piece with a faster return increasing productivity, reducing wear and battery consumption, and also minimising tool servicing.

A well balanced power tool with an ergonomically beneficial angle of 12° between handle and riveting direction. German made, this pack comes with 2 included 2.1Ah li-ion batteries, charger and case.

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BLDC Technology

The BLDC motor is a brush-less DC motor with high efficiency, long service life, particularly smooth running with a precision ball bearing and a reduction in electrical noise radiation.

Clever software in the electronics controls the motor, using electrical sensors and commutating coils to detect the rotor‘s position to regulate the electrical current, producing faster setting frequencies.

Working Range

Blind rivets from Ø 4.8 mm steel, up to Ø 6.4 mm all materials, up to Ø 8 mm aluminium. BULB-TITE® blind rivets up to Ø 7.7 mm all materials. MEGAGRIP® blind rivets up to Ø 6.4 mm all materials.

Technical Characteristics

  • Drive: 18V brush-less DC motor (BLDC
  • Battery: 2.1Ah Li-ion (x2 included.)
  • Pulling force: 15,000 N
  • Stroke: 25 mm
  • Weight: 2kg with battery
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