Annular gap filling solution in construction anchoring.

FWZ Chem Filling Washers Zinc Plated

The zinc plated filling washer is placed between the fixture and a zinc flat washer before the nut is secured.

The washer enables filling of annular gap by allowing chemical adhesive to be injected filling the void around the anchor within the fixture itself. It does NOT allow injection of chemical adhesive into the drilled hole.

Using a filling washer ensures even shear load distribution on all anchors ie: in a base plate application with multiple anchors.

When selecting an anchor observe the fixture thickness will reduce up to 6mm.

Each box of filling washers is supplied with mixer tips that will attach to the end of the chemical mixer nozzle.

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More Information
More Information
Delivery SHIPS IN 1 - 2 DAYS
Material Grade 4.6 Mild Steel
Coating & Plating Zinc Clear
Diameter / Gauge M10, M12, M16, M20, M24
Use for Critical Anchoring, Structural Fixing
Technical Information
SKU Item OD x Thickness Item
1FWZ10 M10 FWZ 26mm x 5.0mm M10 FWZ
1FWZ12 M12 FWZ 28mm x 5.0mm M12 FWZ
1FWZ16 M16 FWZ 34mm x 5.0mm M16 FWZ
1FWZ20 M20 FWZ 41mm x 5.0mm M20 FWZ
1FWZ24 M24 FWZ 48mm x 6.0mm M24 FWZ