Energy & Resources

Allfasteners – Supplying the Energy & Resource Sector

Australian energy & resources industries bring a large share of revenue to the nation’s wealth. From mining, power generation, and energy & resources, these key industries contribute to a high standard of living, a strong economy, and future opportunities.

Maximising efficiency and minimising downtime is crucial to these sectors operating to their fullest capacities, and it’s something that Allfsateners understands.

To make sure that this infrastructure is held together and maintained for full efficiency, companies need a strong partner in fastening products, from pipelines, telecommunications structures and cabling to conveyers, sub-stations, plant foundations and more.

With onsite consultation, fast turnaround time on fabrication and delivery, and a knowledge of the sector’s fastening needs, Allfasteners provides robust solutions for businesses across Australasia. Therefore it’s no wonder prominent industry leaders look to Allfasteners for industrial fasteners like:







Putting Energy into Energy and Resources

These companies trust Allfasteners for their fastener supply.

Here’s why:

Time Critical

Fast turnaround time – with the energy and resources sectors being based in some challenging locations, they look to Allfasteners for a fast and easy consultation—often onsite—and the benefits of a strong network of fabrication partners and freight solutions that deliver solutions within a timeframe never before possible in Australasia.


Decades of experience – backed by a parent company, that for many years has been the first name in fasteners in serious trades, Allfasteners more specialised offering in heavier industries are guaranteed to bring knowledge and expertise to any site.


Quality – heavy scrutiny is placed on Allfasteners sources for compositional materials and coatings. And all of this is provided with compliance-related documentation that means that the client’s tendering process is backed by authoritative facts and data for safety and quality.