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Comprehensive Range of Fasteners for All Trades

We've been supplying domestic trades since 1994, and we've grown to become one of Australia's premiere distributors and manufacturers in all areas of the building and construction industry.

We support electricians, plumbers, and carpenters to get the job done from architects, builders, and tradesmen who turn their ideas into reality. Our product knowledge is one of the best in the industry, and with our reputable buying power, we'll deliver you a solution at competitive prices.

We're not only the biggest suppliers of fasteners in Australia, but our specialised team all have backgrounds in the construction industry. We know what it means to work on the tools and what it takes to complete your next project.

Whether laying slabs, putting up frames, finishing your decking, putting in plumbing, wiring up lights, hanging doors, installing windows or laying floor coverings, you'll find all the right fasteners at Allfasteners.

We Stock & Supply Nation Wide

With 4 locations across Australia, we stock over 3000 lines of products constantly on hand to meet the pressure of the demanding construction industry.

Allfasteners products are meticulously specified, sourced, quality assessed & controlled, and tested to ensure domestic trades are using the best in class fasteners. All the while, we make sure our prices are competitive so that you can get the right gear at the right price.

We ship and deliver to all states from our 4 locations to current and new building sites with many delivery options, including same-day delivery.

Compliant and Certified

Where needed select anchors, fasteners and fixing conforming to Australian Standards that are well documented and included in our system, allowing you to order fasteners with confidence. We provide a select range of NCC compliant anchors, including various chemical anchors, wedge anchors, and screws anchors.

Constantly Innovating

Where we can make construction faster, safer, or more convenient for our customers, we bring it to market. Some of our solutions include the NexGen2 blind bolt for one-sided bolting or our Trak-PRO gas nailers providing a faster alternative to market guns.

And we source from like-minded suppliers like Klimas Wrket-Met, one of Europe's most innovative developers of new fastening systems. This polish company brought to market one of the only screws capable of embedding 300mm of screws into hardwood timber like butter. As a distributor of the HDC screw, we bring fantastic products to Australian builders and tradesmen.

The Experts For All Things Fixings

Are you looking for a comprehensive range of fasteners? Look no further than Allfasteners. With over 3000 lines of products constantly on hand, we're the perfect destination for architects, builders, and tradesmen. We support electricians, plumbers, and carpenters to get the job done, with product knowledge that is one of the best in the industry. Our locations across Australia and powerful eCommerce store make us the perfect supplier for domestic trades. Get in touch today.