SAH-S Stainless Concrete Screw-Anchors Hex Flange 316 (A4)

SAH-S Stainless Concrete Screw-Anchors Hex Flange 316 (A4)

The stainless screw-anchor uses 316 (A4) marine grade stainless steel in the loading area combined with a case hardened carbon-steel tip which is commonly referred to as bi-metal. The carbon-steel tip is required for the purpose of commencing the threading action of the anchor into concrete whilst the 316 stainless steel provides superior corrosion resistance and lifespan for use in outdoor environments over other material.

Bimetal screw-anchors are also available in a countersunk and button head option.

Install 6mm screw-anchors with your impact driver. Nutsetter available.

Sub-total: / ex. gst.

Hex Flange Screw-Anchor Head Size:

6mm anchor, head ø = ~12.9mm  /  head height = ~5.9mm
8mm anchor, head ø = ~16.7mm  /  head height = ~7.6mm
10mm anchor, head ø = ~21.7mm  /  head height = ~9.4mm
12mm anchor, head ø = ~24.9mm  /  head height = ~11.3mm


Get the Most out of Your Concrete Screw Anchors

AS 5216:2018
Tested to AS 5216:2018 to comply with NCC. Refer to the Downloads tab for ETA and TDS documents.

*Recommended maximum fixture thickness (shown under the Product List tab) is a general guide to make a robust structural connection for each length. However fixture thickness can be increased in many applications. For NCC engineered capacities please refer to technical documentation.

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Product List
SKU Description Availability List Price Pack
More Information
More Information
Delivery SHIPS IN 1 - 2 DAYS
Material Grade 316 Stainless Steel
Head Type Hex Washer
Driver Type Hex Socket
For use with Concrete (cracked), Concrete (un-cracked), Masonry Solid Block, Masonry Hollow Brick
Setting Conditions Hammer Drilling, Close to Edge, Overhead, Removable
Approvals & Documents ETA Certification, Fire Resistance
Compliance AS 5216:2021, Cyclic Loads
Software AFOS® Anchor Design Software
Technical Information
SKU Dia. x Length Rec Max Fix* Socket Size Description
1SAHS06060 6 x 60mm SAH-S 10 mm 10 mm 6 x 60mm SAH-S
1SAHS06080 6 x 80mm SAH-S 20 mm 10 mm 6 x 80mm SAH-S
1SAHS08075 8 x 75mm SAH-S 10 mm 13 mm 8 x 75mm SAH-S
1SAHS08100 8 x 100mm SAH-S 25 mm 13 mm 8 x 100mm SAH-S
1SAHS10085 10 x 85mm SAH-S 10 mm 17 mm 10 x 85mm SAH-S
1SAHS10105 10 x 105mm SAH-S 10 mm 17 mm 10 x 105mm SAH-S
1SAHS10120 10 x 120mm SAH-S 50 mm 17 mm 10 x 120mm SAH-S
1SAHS12135 12 x 135mm SAH-S 60 mm 19 mm 12 x 135mm SAH-S
1SAHS12150 12 x 150mm SAH-S 60 mm 19 mm 12 x 150mm SAH-S