Coach Screws Galv Mild Steel

Coach Screws Galv Mild Steel

Coach Screws Galv Mild Steel

Coach screws have a coarse timber thread for self-tapping into pre-drilled timber beams and posts. Sometimes referred to as a lag bolt or lag screw.

  • Galvanised mild steel

Head sizes are following the metric hex bolt equivalent. Drill timber to screw diameter. Allow for min 1.0mm greater hole clearance when fixing a metal plate to timber.

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  • Drill Capacity:  Pre-Drilled Timber
  • Driver Type: Hex Socket – M8 (13mm), M10 (17mm), M12 (19mm), M16 (24mm)
  • Installation Speed: N/A



  • Head Type: Hex Head
  • Point Type: AB
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanised
  • Head Dia: M8 (12.8mm), M10 (15.8mm), M12 (18mm), M16 (23.8mm)
  • Head Height: M8 (5.5mm), M10 (6.5mm), M12 (7.5 mm), M16 (10mm)
Product List
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More Information
Delivery SHIPS IN 1 - 2 DAYS
Coating & Plating Galvanised
Material Grade Carbon Steel
Head Type Hex Washer
Driver Type Hex Socket
Diameter / Gauge M8, M10, M12, M16
Point Type Type AB (Gimlet Point)
Thread Type Self Tapping
Technical Information
SKU Size x Length Coating Hex (A/F) Coating Size x Length
3VHUG08030 M8 30mm 13mm HDG M8 x 30mm
3VHUG08040 M8 40mm 13mm HDG M8 x 40mm
3VHUG08050 M8 50mm 13mm HDG M8 x 50mm
3VHUG08065 M8 65mm 13mm HDG M8 x 65mm
3VHUG08075 M8 75mm 13mm HDG M8 x 75mm
3VHUG08100 M8 100mm 13mm HDG M8 x 100mm
3VHUG10040 M10 40mm 17mm HDG M10 x 40mm
3VHUG10050 M10 50mm 17mm HDG M10 x 50mm
3VHUG10065 M10 65mm 17mm HDG M10 x 65mm
3VHUG10075 M10 75mm 17mm HDG M10 x 75mm
3VHUG10100 M10 100mm 17mm HDG M10 x 100mm
3VHUG10120 M10 120mm 17mm HDG M10 x 120mm
3VHUG10150 M10 150mm 17mm HDG M10 x 150mm
3VHUG12050 M12 50mm 19mm HDG M12 x 50mm
3VHUG12065 M12 65mm 19mm HDG M12 x 65mm
3VHUG12075 M12 75mm 19mm HDG M12 x 75mm
3VHUG12100 M12 100mm 19mm HDG M12 x 100mm
3VHUG12120 M12 120mm 19mm HDG M12 x 120mm
3VHUG12130 M12 130mm 19mm HDG M12 x 130mm
3VHUG12150 M12 150mm 19mm HDG M12 x 150mm
3VHUG12180 M12 180mm 19mm HDG M12 x 180mm
3VHUG12200 M12 200mm 19mm HDG M12 x 200mm
3VHUG16050 M16 50mm 24mm HDG M16 x 50mm
3VHUG16075 M16 75mm 24mm HDG M16 x 75mm
3VHUG16100 M16 100mm 24mm HDG M16 x 100mm
3VHUG16130 M16 130mm 24mm HDG M16 x 130mm
3VHUG16150 M16 150mm 24mm HDG M16 x 150mm
3VHUG16200 M16 200mm 24mm HDG M16 x 200mm