CAD Library - Drawing Files

CAD File Downloads:

Sleeve Anchors

HLA-Z1 M6 - M20 CAD Files

Wedge Anchors

WA-S1 M8 - M20 CAD Files

SAB Concrete Screw-Anchors

SAB-G 6 - 10mm CAD Files
SAB-S 6 - 10mm CAD Files

SAC Concrete Screw-Anchors

SAC-G 6 - 10mm CAD Files
SAC-S 6 - 8mm CAD Files

SAH Concrete Screw-Anchors

SAH-G 6 - 16mm CAD Files
SAH-S 6 - 12mm CAD Files
SAH-Z 8 - 12mm CAD Files

SQ800® M8 Self Drilling Screw

SQ800 M8 - M20 Self Drilling Screw CAD Files

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