Anchor Bolt Testing

Anchor Bolt Testing Services - Establish the Tested Load Values of Your Anchors

Anchor testing is critical in the construction industry as it ensures the correct loads are being applied to anchors. This helps to avoid any failures that could occur from using anchors that are not strong enough. Anchor bolt testing can also help to identify any potential problems with anchors before they become an issue.

Depending on your situation, you can outright purchase a pull testing unit or hire one of our trained professionals to undertake the test for you. These options are perfect for job sites where unexpected complications require pull tests like safety lines or scaffolding eye bolts.

Testing Your Anchor Points

We'll send out one of our technicians with a pull testing unit to test your anchor points by getting in touch with us. Then, depending on the anchor type and the design specifications, we will methodically work through the required anchor points.

Our team will establish the test load values of your anchors. Depending on the type of anchor you use, this could be broken down into different components such as tension and shear loads. Anchor bolt testing is essential because it helps to guarantee that all aspects are adequately tested before any construction goes ahead.

If a failure occurs, we offer a range of solutions to keep your job site on the move. Just ask our professionals for more information.

Compliance & Reporting Test Reports

We use the best pull testing units on the market, Hydrajaws. Hydrajaws are coupled with a Bluetooth module for increased reporting functions which provides operators an easy way to record and compile digital reports from site; including all test information showing pass/fail result as well graphs or pictures if desired. The date/time stamps allow you to add photos taken during your visit which might help identify any problems more easily.

Australia's First Choice for Anchor Bolt Testing

Anchor bolt testing is critical in the construction industry to ensure buildings and other structures are safely erected. Allfasteners offers a full scope of services designed to establish the tested load values of concrete and masonry anchors, so you can be confident in your building's safety. Plus, our detailed reporting features will help you keep track of all your anchor bolt test results. Book your anchor bolt test today!