Australian made threaded rod from M10 to M100.

AFI Thread Rod DIN 976 Gr8.8 Plain

Australian made thread rod available in standard 1 and 3 metre lengths. These are grade 8.8 high-tensile steel (unplated) rolled and cut to length in Melbourne.

  • Meric coarse pitch (DIN976)
  • Unplated


Select from 1 and 3 metre lengths below. Or send an enquiry about custom rolled lengths as required up to 6 metres.

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More Information
Delivery SHIPS IN 1 - 2 DAYS. Delivery fees apply, see here.
Material Grade 8.8 Hi-Tensile Steel
Coating & Plating Plain / Unplated
Diameter / Gauge M10, M12, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30, M33, M36, M39, M42, M48, M56, M64, M72, M80, M90, M100
Thread Type Metric
Technical Information
SKU Diameter Length Length Pitch Item
6TRCHUI101000 M10 1mtr 1mtr 1.5 M10 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI103000 M10 3mtr 3mtr 1.5 M10 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI121000 M12 1mtr 1mtr 1.75 M12 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI123000 M12 3mtr 3mtr 1.75 M12 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI141000 M14 1mtr 1mtr 2 M14 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI143000 M14 3mtr 3mtr 2 M14 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI161000 M16 1mtr 1mtr 2 M16 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI163000 M16 3mtr 3mtr 2 M16 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI181000 M18 1mtr 1mtr 2.5 M18 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI183000 M18 3mtr 3mtr 2.5 M18 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI201000 M20 1mtr 1mtr 2.5 M20 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI203000 M20 3mtr 3mtr 2.5 M20 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI221000 M22 1mtr 1mtr 2.5 M22 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI223000 M22 3mtr 3mtr 2.5 M22 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI241000 M24 1mtr 1mtr 3 M24 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI243000 M24 3mtr 3mtr 3 M24 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI271000 M27 1mtr 1mtr 3 M27 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI273000 M27 3mtr 3mtr 3 M27 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI301000 M30 1mtr 1mtr 3.5 M30 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI303000 M30 3mtr 3mtr 3.5 M30 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI331000 M33 1mtr 1mtr 3.5 M33 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI333000 M33 3mtr 3mtr 3.5 M33 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI361000 M36 1mtr 1mtr 4 M36 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI363000 M36 3mtr 3mtr 4 M36 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI391000 M39 1mtr 1mtr 4 M39 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI393000 M39 3mtr 3mtr 4 M39 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI421000 M42 1mtr 1mtr 4.5 M42 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI423000 M42 3mtr 3mtr 4.5 M42 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI481000 M48 1mtr 1mtr 5 M48 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI483000 M48 3mtr 3mtr 5 M48 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI561000 M56 1mtr 1mtr 5.5 M56 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI563000 M56 3mtr 3mtr 5.5 M56 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI641000 M64 1mtr 1mtr 6 M64 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI643000 M64 3mtr 3mtr 6 M64 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI721000 M72 1mtr 1mtr 6 M72 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI723000 M72 3mtr 3mtr 6 M72 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI801000 M80 1mtr 1mtr 6 M80 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI803000 M80 3mtr 3mtr 6 M80 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI901000 M90 1mtr 1mtr 6 M90 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI903000 M90 3mtr 3mtr 6 M90 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI1001000 M100 1mtr 1mtr 6 M100 DIN976 Gr8.8
6TRCHUI1003000 M100 3mtr 3mtr 6 M100 DIN976 Gr8.8