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Double Width Adjustable Job Site Stairs

1200mm AdjustaStairs® SafeSmart Access

The double width 1200mm AdjustaStairs® allow two-way traffic, so workers are not waiting at either end. And a hefty weight rating of 500kg, and a big truss underneath, allows workers to safely exit or enter whilst carrying tools with their spare hand.

With all the same features as our single-width AdjustaStairs®, these stairs bring safe efficient access to the worksite. Each model is designed with a varying degree of height access, self leveling (1200mm) treads are a unique design making these a worthwhile investment. Available in 3 sizes with adjustable height elevation from 1.9m to 4.0m. All versions come fitted with secure handrails and a midrail as standard.

  • Excellent for temporary batter access
  • Access into pits, trenches, deep excavations
  • Access between multi-level construction floors
AS/NZS 1576 : 2010
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SKU Description Elevation Range Bx. Qty. Crt. Qty.
SKU 12M-210824 Description AdjustaStairs (3.0m) Elevation Range 1.91 - 2.67m Bx. Qty. 1 Crt. Qty. -
SKU 12M-210825 Description AdjustaStairs (3.6m) Elevation Range 2.39 - 3.33m Bx. Qty. 1 Crt. Qty. -
SKU 12M-210826 Description AdjustaStairs (4.4m) Elevation Range 2.87 - 4.0m Bx. Qty. 1 Crt. Qty. -


  • 1200mm Wide self-leveling treads.
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation.
  • Aluminium construction.
  • Load tested to 500kg SWL

For use at multiple locations, the hand rails easily fold down, and the whole system can be carried and redeployed by only two people. Double-width AdjustaStairs® are also craneable, for lowering them into tighter spaces or over walls and partitions.

*Elevation range: suggested height range of stairs listed allows for a slope angle of between 32 – 48 degrees.

How to setup AdjustaStairs®

Shown in video 600mm AdjustaStairs® with the ProScaf system.

How to Install AdjustaStairs in a Profscaf System.

AdjustaStairs® is a registered trademark of SafeSmart Access.